Artistry In Poetry & Artistry In Pictures



I see things others could not see
But when these things I see are viewed
Everyone would be inspired, they all glee
They see beauty thru the images that I glued

I could have drama in my creation
Or portray humor in my imagination
Different strokes, unique variation
And of my own taste in coloration

Viewers would feel my inner being
I could not hide any of my wondering
Life I have bestowed, I’m now delivering
With all of my art works, they are shining

My mastery, I have you motivated
Your pains or hurts would all be lifted
Even your joys would become unlimited
The brilliance of this work truly are gifted

Come, touch and feel me within
Get inside, explore, roll over and spin
Exploit the world of wonders we live in
Its magic would brush your life to win

Artistry, oh my, oh my, I love thee
You share us your eternal verity
I thank God for this craft everyone see
With Virtuosity I create life its own reality.


I look on air, in my mind I see your grace
With my color pens and brushes I’ve traced
Every angles that you have grimaced
From where I’ve seen the look of love on thy face

I started to sketch those green eyes
With rich color I’ve chosen green dyes
Like fresh river herein my soul lies
Floating with love that never dies

My brush have shaped your pointed nose
And something inside…you have me arose
Remembering you, Oh you smelling my rose
I feel heaven…with you not even a while I’d doze

As I reach on those charming cheeks
And blended colors unto a picturesque
Oh, they warm me… on it my paint licks
Those rosy cheeks I couldn’t bear resist

To your luscious lips here now I draw
Your smile from pleasure wherein I glow
The grin you give, teasing me below
With your sweet-strong kisses I grow

A grayish brown stencil I’ve lined on your hair
They’re soft and wavy like gold dust on air
I stroke them gently… my hand lay bare
I brush them rich… in my delight I stare

Herein I portrait your image as I see you
This is the best work that I dedicate for you

This art that I sketch in my thoughts’ view
Words of unending love that I’d write and sew

With colorful arts baring true feelings I woo
I’ve mixed, blended my love with magical anew

All of my love of words and arts…are you
Treasure them, they’re from my heart, my own brew…

Article Source:

Poulliy sur Loire River, France… I took this shot, because of its beautiful panorama and refreshing feeling it displayed to me plus the thought that my love Vincou used to swim here during his childhood days… I had no idea that the photo would turn out so lovely and very interesting where the coolness of the blue sky and veils of cloud reflecting on the river added greater extent of its heavenliness scenery.  I was happy afterwards. Now I get myself interested in Photography aside from writing Poetry…

“They are both an enduring work of art!”


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