NO WAY I can change the World….

But I can change My Own Universe!

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper – TTdesign

…because the whole world of opportunity is open out there not only for me but to all of us. We only differ from each of our own beliefs because we have what we called "Free Will".

And I choose to believe that I can achieve anything I want to so I am taking charge of my life and making a difference!

The world keeps evolving every now and then thus I will keep adjusting to my needs too and passionately pursue my mission by keeping in mind this guiding light of Winston Churchill, "Never never never give up!"

HAPPINESS is the sum totaL of LOVE, HEALTH, WEALTH and SUCCESS. And my goal is to have Happiness.

I keep all vital areas of my life in balance to hold on to my goal to be HAPPY always… And when I am happy then naturally I have those four creatures mentioned above… 🙂

Just then and only then the world would appreciate what I have in store for its change if not at least help make it a better place to live in for all of us, just like the way I see it in my own Universe…

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I'm delighted to hear from you :) Merci, beaucoup to all who clicked LIKE...

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