I named my plant, “Oxima”

When I arrived here in Jeddah, 4 years ago, I bought some indoor plants and placed them in my flat.  I thought that it would be nice to have something fresh with me every day.

But unfortunately I do not have that what they called “green palms”, so that one by one they started to get dry and die.  Plus the weather here is really hot especially during summer season. You bet I always have my air-condition on.  And when I go for my holidays, there is no one who I could ask a favor to water them.  By then of course the room temperature would become too hot.  For sure the plants could be cooked. 🙂

I will be gone usually 3 weeks and sometime a month, so every time I get back from vacation, I would be crazy to water them and do the best I can to save them. But no matter what I do, they continued to wither.  I was disappointed so I just left them, I meant literally just let them to die.  I never watered them anymore.

One day I did a general cleaning in my flat so I’ve got to get rid of those things that are of no longer useful for me.

I was about to dispose the remaining plant left in my flat because most of its leaves were dried, I thought this plant won’t make it too.

But then when I saw a little bud of new leaf growing just beside its limb.  I was amazed!  I said, “Wow! Of all the plants this one made it. In spite of what I did, I don’t know how she did it but the thing was she survived!

This plant inspired me and thought me a lesson.  No matter what the circumstances may be, I should never ever give up, I must move on and passionately pursue my mission.

…And So I fixed it up and then I asked what name it would like to be called.

That night I dreamt of the word “OXIMA” so that’s where I get its name.

Are you familiar with “Lexigram”?  Because I lexigram the word OXIMA and I came up with this words from it:

Oxi/Oxy-root word of oxygen and oxygen is air and we need air to breath, to live, to have a life and become alive.

Ma- we called our mother in short Ma.  Plants are living things  and  so basically they are the natures arounds us, the beauty of the earth materials and the mother earth itself that are within us.

With these 2 words in my mind, I understand why this plant stayed with me.
I made this blog for this special plant named “Oxima” 🙂

I read this poem from one of my favorite books about Lexigrams.  I thought this would be awesome to share with all of my co-bloggers…  And perhaps you may find it interesting to lexigram a word, a name, a title or phrase too, which is really fun to do. 🙂

words divine, words sublime…  holy, holy words !
a picture is worth ten thousand words
so the Oriental sages say…  and therefore is the higher
nay, nay…  for shame !
for it takes words to tell…  even of that ancient claim
the hidden glory of every story
shines forth in words, words, words !
the miracle of the Easter gladness
overcoming death’s morbid sadness
is told in words, words, words !

words have wings, like birds
to fly through the sky of the mind

…  be ye aS wiSe aS a Serpent
yet aS harmleSS aS a dove…

words…  those mysterious scribbles on a page
holding the wisdom of every age
the experience and teaching of every sage

oh!  the beautiful rhyming of the proper timing
of words !

powerful words, that ring with truth
words that sing, forsooth  !
yes, words that ring and words that sing
words of spring and every good thing…  like kitties


  1. Well here in the UK it is called ‘Green Fingers’ but I think
    that yours are very green and whatever you toch will thrive 🙂
    These plants look great and full of life Dolly so you must be
    a lot better atnurturing your plants than you first thought 🙂

    Well Done 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

    • oh yeah, I think that is what they call it then “Green Fingers”
      or some folks say if you have warm hands, you could have planting as your work or hobby 🙂
      Yes Oxima is looking great! I wouldn’t imagine that this great, full of life and fantastic plant is deadly poisonous.
      It’s wild isn’t it? Dumb Cane!
      Thanks Andro 🙂

  2. Thanks to all my co-bloggers who liked and loved this post. 🙂
    Now I get the hank of blogging. We share and we learn- just like this post… If hadn’t, I wouldn’t ever find out about “Oxima” one of the many “poisonous houseplants”. I bet Miss D was so proud to have this plants too.
    An yes we either “like or dislike” a post but a sincere compliment from your co-bloggers is awesome. In relation to this, check this post: http://missdemurerestraint.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/just-a-few-observations-on-playing-nice-in-the-blogosphere/
    I believe we blog because it makes us healthy to do so. 🙂

  3. Becoming Bitter says:

    I love your poem and your story. Hey Dolly, do you have a twitter? If not, consider getting one.

  4. You’re right Miss d, thanks so much for your info. I was not really aware of what kind of plant I have, hehehehe.
    Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) and dumb me too LOL http://houseplants-care.blogspot.com/2006/08/dieffenbachia-dumb-cane-plant-care.html
    I’m so glad I made this post…. 🙂 Now I know how to take care of my Oxima, one of the many “poisonous houseplants”.
    I am also pleased that you like my story and the poem. Thanks 🙂

  5. Good story and great poem. I don’t know if you are aware, but your plant is a dieffenbachia. It is one of the first plants I was able to grow.

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