Beyond My Dream

As usual he always wake up early at 6 in the morning, roaming around his property. He wakes up, he faces me on his left side, gives me his warm hug and kisses me gently on my lips, trying not to wake me up in my deep sleep. But he is not aware that I feel his every move. He gets up on bed, makes some numbers of stretches then goes to bathroom to dressing room, and put his morning clothes on. He sleeps naked, he likes this and I love it too, because the heat of his body warms me all night long. I smile as he reached out to our bedroom door and I continue with my sleep.

Nanny entered and opened the curtain window, the 7 o’clock sun comes shining right thru my bed. She said, “Breakfast is ready, my lady, Lord Van is waiting for you, at the lobby.” I yawned and inhaled deeply, stretching up my legs, raising them up to my forehead, hold them for 10 counts and slowly exhaling, bringing them down. I counted another 10 just lying on my bed restfully and smiling, thinking what to wear for breakfast to impress him.

I carefully watch my steps going down stairs. I can see his eyes locked in me, right there where he sits on the coffee table, putting down the newspaper he was reading. He smiles and stands up and meet me halfway, excited to hold me and kiss me. We embraced and kissed long. I feel his heart beats fast, his kisses more stronger now and he slides his right hand between my thighs. I don’t wear any undies. He does not like them. I wore his favorite dress It’s silk, pastel pink, strap-less to knee skirt long, fabric wrapping loosely to my body. I groaned wildly as he slides in and out his finger…while still kissing me on his lips, his left hand now pulled down my top, squeezed hard my left breast and to my right, then slowly he lowered his head sucked each of them… my head is spinning now, I know I am ready for him… I want him to have me… my moan grew wilder and louder now my breathing is so fast… he lead me to lay my back on the empty coffee table, from there he taste my juice thoroughly and hungrily…I said “I will come soon my love…” and I came heavenly. But I want more of him. He did not stop from there, he knows I want more. He drew his full thrust in me, my hips go in rhythm with him… Gosh! I came again.

He is not done yet, he becomes more aggressive now… he drew his thrust, again and again more deeper now and harder. His blue eyes become like blue ocean on strong and big waves. We both moaned so strongly and we came at the same time and collapsed. I can still feel all of him in me. We giggled afterwards, kissing each other again. Teasing that we are both glad the coffee table is strong enough to hold both of us. We sat down, facing each other, eyes locked in together. We were both speechless but happy. Two minutes later, the butler came with two black coffee served to us. He said, “My lady, My Lord, your breakfast is ready in the dining room.” We both nodded to him. We sipped down and enjoyed the taste and aroma of our coffee. Ten minutes later, with holding hands we both went and have our healthy breakfast.

Across our dining room is a veranda. We stay there for like 2 hours talking anything under the sun after breakfast. We both like to eat our dessert here. Autumn meets winter so the morning air is both warm and cold. We watch the leaves of our blueberry trees fell down the ground with some snow flakes and air flew them by…

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  1. Not sure why this one would go without comment. It is a vivid description of a wonderful breakfast 😉 I can think of no better way to start the day.

  2. There’s a terrific amount of knowlgdee in this article!

  3. Thanks to all my co-bloggers who liked this post 🙂


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  2. […] Popular:  Beyond My Dream (In this post I got the most clicks from the rest of the days since I started blogging since […]

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