Toothsome Aka Dolly Tagged Back By Jess And She’s IT!

This is a Fun Game and it’s called, TAG You’re IT”

and Jess  of Heroin Diaries tagged me back…

Here are The Rules.

  1. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged or you can recycle the questions of others if you’d like to do so.
  2. Tag eleven people (or more if you wish) and link to them on your post.
  3. Let them know you’ve tagged them (but if you don’t get time, you won’t have to go to your room for three weeks or anything like that, lol!)

Jess curiosities [questions].

1.  Who are you (not what you do, who you are)?

2.  What was your biggest or simplest mistake and what did you learn from it?

3.  Have you genuinely smiled at a complete stranger today?

4.  Growing up, did you ever have an imaginary friend?

5.  What are you most afraid of and why do you think that is (fish, commitment, love, spaghetti, etc.)?

6.  If you could trade lives with anyone, would you?  If so, who and why (is it always greener on the other side)?

7.  What if all the clocks on the earth suddenly vanished, would you care?

8.  Would you rather be a Dinosaur or a Wooly Mammoth and why?

9.  Who or what, simple or complex, what has impacted and altered your entire perspective?

10.  Do you believe in Heaven? (If not, do you believe in Hell)?

11.  If you could tell one person (random or not) what would you tell them (advice, forgiveness, funny joke, i love you, i am sorry, i love turtles, don’t walk in dark alleys, kiss me, etc.)?

12.  Do you believe?

Noted I am tagged again for the third time :) … It is fun isn’t it.  But just like I said I already tagged 11 bloggers with Janice. BUT if you like to participate with this game, you are free to tag yourself.  This is fun anyways. We can meet other bloggers as well, sort of networking, hehhehe.

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! And your comic’s are magnificent! It is amazing to meet others who take bad situations to and make positive ones. This world needs more women like you. Thank you for taking the time to answer me back! ❤ Jess

    • You’re very welcome Jess, it’s my pleasure, I had fun doing the comic anyways, hehehe and I’m happy you love this post as well, thanks! Enjoy your weekend and see you around, Dolly xo

  2. Loves it! You’re not letting me in on your comic secret? 😦


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