ABC Award 1 and 2 and 3

Wow, I thought at first this award came from the ABC, hehehe… I dreamed!
Anyways “ABC Award” is the Awesome Blog Content Award.  I just feel so glorious about it.
Thanks so much Jen and GiGoid and Stephanie
So now here it goes:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you. 

 I like to thank Jen for this ABC Award.  Jen is very talented.  You can visit her blog and meet her Imaginary Friend I’m sure when you do, you will follow her thru just like I did 🙂

I also like to thank Gigoid for my second ABC award nomination.  His blog is awesome.  It is a must to visit or you’d missed something out of your life if you don’t 🙂

And beautiful Stephanie who loves opera and all classical music nominated me for my 3rd ABC Award.  Whew! Thanks so much!  Stephanie’s Blog:

Certainly not lost down under

is full of poetry to lounge in.  So this is very good news to all Poetry Lovers… Check her out 🙂

2.  There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you can nominate so go crazy:  Here are my nominees for this ABC Award:

Mortal Hearts With Immortal Souls

A Winsome Journey-Imagine, dream, create…Backyard Provence- Touring through life in the South of FranceFiber Art And Other Tidbits- Made of soft harmony into my soul.Marina Kanavaki-Painting. Illustration. DesignLinda Vernon Humor- Leaves Your Daily Routine Minty Not MedicineyFreedom To A Full Life- Bridge to Spirituality in everyday lifeMake Believe Boutique- Sundries & Curiiosities for the Adventurous. A Tribal Inquiry.Four Blue Hills (A repository, of sorts) Wyoming. And other things that interests me.ABC Of  Spirit Talk- Love, Life & Spirit


The Family Haikus

Home Drug Test Kit

 Stuff My Brain Thinks

Crabapple Hideout

Whatever Makes You Smile


lou   of Tales from the lou

Brook  of White Hot Hair

Teresa Cleveland Wendel      Of Belly Button Blues

nightshade130  of Sherline’s Watchu Thinkin’ Blog

ecofinanalysis   of Eco Fin Analysis

Jeff      of Jeff Whelan

orples    of How Orples Came To Be, and other interesting stuff

3. Share some things about you but alphabetically just a word or two about you and or anything that interest you,  starting with each alphabet. (Or alternatively, just write the first word you think of…or whatever makes you happy on how you’d like to represent your words) Mine, I did it with pictures so that even you would have guessed what are in my Alphabets, hehehhe.  We’ll have some fun  at the same time 🙂

A   N  
B O  
C  My dream car:Red, Matador Mica-2-Door-Lexus-Convertible  P
D Q  
E R  
F S  
G   T  
H U  
J   W
K   X  
L Y  
M Z  

Enjoy Everyone!


  1. lostupabove says:

    Congratulations Dolly. Lovely artwork.

  2. Jeff Whelan says:

    Egads! Dolly is award-happy! Thank you so much for my second blog nomination of the day! I am truly honored and pickled tink. Here’s the thing: long days + late nights + early mornings = little time to effectively blog. I’m still sort of new at this and am not even sure how you do what you do here. You have crafted such and amazing blog – playful, crazy, colorful, fun, open and inviting. I’m not even quite sure how to effectively post a link or a photo on mine. Nonetheless, I will honor these wondeful and welcome nominations of yours by doing my best over the coming weekend to respond on my own blog by playing along, answering questions and nominating others. It’ll be a great blog-learning experience. Thank you again, Miss Dolly, for liking so many of my humble posts and for inviting me into your warm and gracious world here. Peace.

  3. Please pardon my typos everyone…and look at the Angels:)

  4. Dolly…*thank you* for the ABC nomination. What grace! * Your blog is truly awesome. I’m amazed, entertained, allowed to think and enjoy beauty in new ways here*.

    When I think of ABC…I like of things I love like Angels…they are beautiful and all around sometimes in the nick of time.
    Blogs…some of the most gorgeous, thoughtful places I’ve ever traveled to.
    Children…my children are grown, but they are delights and reasons to keep going every single day.

    I’m truly blessed…with all of you and these blogging places. What a wonderful discovery!
    I just read The Grass Harp and one character, the best one, was sometimes called “Dollyheart” and that seems like you. Your heart is all through your pages and pictures.

    • Wow, I am truly touched with all of these words you just have said and likewise I am sincerely grateful to have met you here in the circle of the Blog-sphere. I like your ABC’s and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and friendly respond with the award nomination I gave you as a token of my gratitude for having such an awesome blog and a fine and warm person as you. This is lovely! I have not read The Grass Harp yet, but I will like to read it and I look forward to it. 🙂
      Thanks once again and you are always welcome!

  5. Congratulations on your nomination for the ABC award. Your blog is very deserving of it. It’s just amazing what you’ve got on here. Very creative and captivating and it give me so many ideas. Thanks for the nomination for this award. I really like the way you did your ABCs about you. You are an amazing individual. Stay blessed hun 😀

  6. Thank you very much for giving me this award! I am thrilled to be receiving it. 🙂

  7. Thank you!! Really appreciate it.

  8. lostupabove says:

    Congratulations! A very original ABC! Loved it.

  9. Congratulations…..:)

  10. congrats. awesome blog

  11. Congratulations on your award! 🙂

  12. Congratulations. Dolly, and thanks for the nomination….it is so appreciated!
    with love

  13. Thank you so much Dolly, I truly appreciate it and congratulations on your award. You deserve much much more for your work here! By the way, love your A-Z!

  14. Congratulations!! You made me laugh when you thought it was from ABC at first, hahaha, that’s what I would have thought too…!

  15. Congratulations….you deserve it….your blog is full of surprises! Thanks so much for my nomination…wonderful to pass on gratitude…

  16. Congratulations Dolly. You always put in so much effort in acknowledging awards – very gracious of you.

  17. Congratulations. So much fun to answer the award with pictures!
    When I got to “Z” I started to sing “Whip it” from devo… but zip instead of whip.

  18. A for ABC of Spirit Talk… hehehe 🙂 Thanks so much and congratulations to you too! And you’re very welcome as always. Have a great weekend!

  19. Congratulations; you have a great blog and I never know where to start when I visit, you have so many wonderful topics… and
    What a lovely surprise; thanks so very much for nominating my blog, I’ll have to get my thinking cap on…. now let me see – a is for….. 😉

  20. Congrats on your new award! From what I see, you have an amazing space and you definitely deserve this award :). Congrats to all the new awardees as well

  21. POPEYE!!!!! ~(@^@)~

  22. Reblogged this on sppasm.

  23. Julie Catherine says:

    Congratulations, Dolly – love your ‘depiction’ of this well-deserved award, and your “F” had me in stitches! ~ Julie 🙂

  24. YAY!!! This is such a well-deserved award for you. I totally agree, your blog has awesome content!!!! Congratulations!!!! I absolutely love the way you chose to express yourself, alphabetically. You are so creative.

    Love this! Congrats again!

  25. Congratulations and this post is truly awesome…

  26. Dolly! I am honored to accepted this wonderful, Awesome Blog Content Award! I love your blog too and you have a gift for bringing people together. I’m putting in an official request to the Big Guy Upstairs to ask for more hours in the day. There are so many wonderful people out there and so many great blogs, and we definitely need more time to get to know them! 🙂

  27. Thank you, I’ll get around to this sometime today, and by the way, love your ‘W’ choice, and yeh, I get it, I’m one too… 😉

  28. Congratulations and Warmest Wishes. !!!


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