Spring Of Love


Lovers date in spring

My partner and I fell in love on spring 
We cannot imagine together not loving or laughing

 That thought, we’ll be happy forever, what a feeling 
To me Falling in love is like spring

It is a magical moment 
Spring time, a lavender-scent

We kiss and all just click 
Everything seems perfect

Love seems full and eternally 
We work together effortlessly

We dance together in harmony 
Our good fortune in matrimony.

Tiffanie King


  1. There’s something wrong with that picture. The people are sitting too still. It’s springtime, right? They should be swatting mosquitos… : P

  2. Yaaay for spring! My most favorite season of all 🙂

  3. Beautiful words and pictures. 🙂

  4. Actually, That IS Very VERY Pretty. The Pic Now Looks Like A Painting.
    I Love The Effect, Fo SHO!

  5. Very sweet – It must be great to have such love 🙂
    And great pic, cool effects!

  6. Wish you many magical spring moments

  7. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Lovers date: very interesting effects in that photo.
    I also love this beautifully simple line: That thought, we’ll be happy forever, what a feeling

  8. How can you do such gorgeous work so daily:) We so appreciate the beauty here…i can almost smell lavender scent and all the blooms.

  9. I love the visual tweaking you did on the photo. Cool effect.

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