Blog On Fire Award,Top Recent Commenter Twice and I Am It Again 6x


sarahpotterwrites says: I tagged you, and hope you’d like to play:-)

Thank you so much Sarah, I just loved your 11 Questions:
1. What’s the naughtiest thing you did at school, and did you get caught?
When I was in High School, I cheated in my exam and I let  my seatmate to copy my answers and yes I got caught… hahahaha

2. What’s the worst grade you got in an exam, and was it your fault or someone else’s? I experienced to get 5.  Our grading system was 1-2-3-4-5.  If you get 1, it means excellent 100%.  5 means failed.  And it was my fault because I did not study.  So I must get 1 to pass the subject on the final exam.  And I usually got 1 so I had lots of those 3 grades… hehehehe

3. Have you ever farted at a really embarrassing moment? not yet… thank God, hahaha… but Vincent and I farted together after we ate different kinds of seafood and we were about to sleep… Wow the smell was so awful we both got up and opened our window and we had a lot of fun laughing.  It felt good though… LOL 

4. What do you feel about writing Christmas cards?  Oh I just love doing it, it just that nowadays, I do not do it anymore because it is faster to just send e-mails, but I missed doing it.

5. Do you sleep on your back, front, left side, right side, curled up in a ball, straight out, recovery position, or upside down? Funny because I just do it all, but most of the time on my back.

6. What percentage of books on your bookshelves have you read? Oh I have no idea…

7. If your computer is running slow, or your internet is down when you’re in a hurry, how do you react? Nothing, a bit upset but not really 🙂

8. Have you ever been to a party and wish you’d behaved differently? Yes

9. If someone you know and like has written a totally crap story, poem, or song and says they’re going to try to get it published, do you tell them it’s crap or leave them to learn the hard way? I will tell my opinion how I feel about the story but then still leave it all up to him or her to decide whether he or she likes it to be published.  It’s better to do something than not doing anything at all.  Anyways, mistakes will make us grow wiser and better until we become our best.

10. If you won or inherited a vast sum of money, would you feel happy or burdened by it? I will be very happy about it… for sure!

11. Is there an occasion when you spoke up about something and wish you hadn’t, or didn’t speak up about something and wish you had? Yes, but rarely.

My respond are the ff:

Tag And I Am It

Tag I Am It Again

Toothsome Aka Dolly Got Tagged Back, She’s It

Tag She Is It, Toothsome Aka Dolly

Tag You’re It, Whoaa!

Top Recent Commenter  Award from Marcyorples and Cindy

Thanks Guys! You are both brilliant…

Thank you so much Cindy and Marcy for this recognition.
I never thought I could leave you such comments in your blogs because I rarely give my comments… hahaha 🙂
But I am so honored for this.

Likewise here are my Top Recent Commenters:
Thanks to all of you my buddies.  You are all awesome!

Commenter Comments
orples Following 34
Jueseppi B. Following 33
Mark Armstrong Following 27
Marc Phillippe Babineau Following 16
carolynpageabc Following 15
Androgoth 13

The rule of this award are as follows:

  • Tell us about one of your most cherished memories with your child(ren). If you do not have children, then share one of your pet(s). If you do not have pets either, then one with niece(s), nephew(s), or any combination thereof. You can read it here.
  • Tell us about one of your most cherished childhood memories. When I wan 8 years old my father bought me a doll from Italy. And that doll is still with me until now.  My kids called her Mommy Doll 🙂
  • Thank the person who nominated you. Done
  • Nominate  6 bloggers who comment on your blog the most frequently and notify them of the award.You can find your Top Recent Commenters on your site stats page on the bottom, right corner. Done
  • Nominate one more person…the 7th. This person can either be a brand new commenter on your blog, the very last comment you have received, or the one who has posted your most favorite comments Tell us why you have chosen them as your seventh. My 7th goes to

    dovergirl x
    Submitted on 2012/03/20 at 6:18 pm

    WOW!! Congratulations on all of your adulations & awards! Inspiring!!

    Dovergirl is my latest very recent commenter. And She’s a new visitor in my blog.

  • And answer the following questions:
  1. Tell us one thing you have learned from one or both of your parents that has stuck with you throughout the years. My mom taught me to be strong, independent and must have a profession or career, so that no matter what, I could always stand by my own self and not be dependent to others especially with men.
  2. Tell us one thing that you have taught (or intend to teach) your child(ren) that hopeful will stick with them throughout their lifetime.  I told them the same thing as my mom taught me.
  3. Tell us about your favorite job, whether it is one you hold now or one from the past, and why you enjoy(ed) it. I miss my own dental clinic back in the Philippines.  I had it for 17 years. I enjoyed it very much because i was my own boss.
  4. Tell us what you are doing in pursuit of achieving an attainable goal. As of the moment my goal is to support my kids to finish their studies and would have their own profession one day.
  5. Tell us about one person who had the best influence on you in your life (teacher, neighbor, friend, etc.).. My mom, you can read it here

Thank you so much Tania for the Blog On Fire Award.
You really got me on fire! You are wonderful…

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you : Thank you so much Tania for this peachy thought to nominate me with this award, I am truly grateful 🙂

2. Share seven random facts about yourself:  My seven random facts about myself you can read them here 🙂

3. Pass the award on to more blogging friends. I pass this award to my recent top commenters I just enumerated above.

4. Contact those friends with the link and congratulate them!

5. Post your award with pride.

Enjoy Everyone!

so happy Pictures, Images and Photos

And Thanks To All!


  1. Howdy! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. terima kasih kerana share info yang sangat baik

  3. Reblogged this on djelectramorhipism.

  4. DOLLY!
    How totally cool of you to nominate my blog, – Thank you SO much!
    Now I am going to go bask in my blog’s great new standing…

  5. Sorry to be late getting here. I had to go out and rent a tuxedo. I wanted to look my best when I accept my awards… : )

    I hope this is the right list of questions, OK, here we go:

    1. A memory involving your own child, a nephew or niece, or your pet monkey:

    I was standing in line with my niece Bridget at an ice cream social. We both had paper plates. She was about 4 years old. The guy dishing out the cake and ice cream asked her what kind she wanted. I said: “Oh, she doesn’t eat cake and ice cream– she only eats plates.” The guy raised his eyebrows and asked her: “Is that right?” To my complete amazement, she shrugged and told him: “I like plates.”

    2. A childhood memory of my own:

    The volunteer fire department in my little hometown used to sponsor a carnival every summer. It ran for three straight nights. The weather was always perfect (at least in my memory). French fries, cotton candy, games, rides. The biggest ride was the ferris wheel. When they let people off, at some point your car would come to rest at the very top of the wheel. We’d rock back and forth and scream our lungs out and feel like we owned the world.

    3. Thank the person who poured gasoline on your blog and set it on fire:

    Thank you, dearest Toothsome, for being the world’s sweetest pyromaniac.

    4. Nominate 7 other people and torch their blogs.

    I can’t. The fire department always taught me not to play with fire. : )

    5. Tell something you learned from one or both parents.

    My mom always told me to live in the now, the present moment. She never has herself, but that’s what she keeps telling me. My dad has always said: Experience is the best teacher. I’ve been kicked in the pants by Experience many, many times. I never seem to learn, but She keeps on trying to teach me.

    6. Tell something that you try to teach children.

    I always tell them: Floss and brush your teeth. Never skip a single day. If you don’t, you’ll wind up in the Lemons R Us Dental Clinic, and instead of spending your money on candy, you’ll have to pay Toothsome to drill your teeth and fill your cavities with old coffee grounds. You wouldn’t want that now, would you??? This always makes them turn white and cry…

    7. Tell about your favorite job.

    I used to be a successful illustrator and cartoonist. That was my favorite job. Then Toothsome came along, and her great Photoshop skills left me in the dust. Now I work as her apprentice. Now that’s my favorite job.

    8. Tell what you are doing to achieve an attainable goal.

    I’m trying to get an assignment so I can earn enough money to buy a cup of coffee. I’m not sure this is an attainable goal, however, since Toothsome has most of the world’s coffee locked away in her Secret Coffee Cupboard.

    9. Tell about the one person who has had the best influence on your life.

    That would be Toothsome. Before I discovered the Lemons R Us blog, I was lonely and blue and miserable. I’m still lonely and blue and miserable, but now, every so often, a little smile appears on my face whenever Toothsome jumps over the moon and goes, Mmmwah, Mmmwah, Mmmwah!! Somehow it’s made me a better person.

    The End

    • Bravo! too much applause from the crowd… 🙂
      Thanks Mark as always you put smile on my face…
      You should change your career to a comedian actor. Leave that cartooning staff to me…. hehehehe
      I love your answers, i had fun reading them…See you around dear! xoxo

  6. Tag. Gotcha last. =)

  7. congrats 🙂

  8. Thanks for playing tagged. Great stuff. I’ve reblogged you and posted my comment there 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on sarahpotterwrites and commented:
    This lady is awesome. Thanks for taking time to play tag. Great answers. And Just so you know you’re not the only one to have flunked exams, for O-level French and History I got unclassified, and I failed my maths five times. Only after leaving school did I manage to get Grade A’s in higher education English and Theology.

  10. Well this has certainly brightened up the lunchhour. Cool 🙂 Congratulations!

  11. Hi Dolly, your acceptance of these awards really made me smile! Your spirit always shines through, you deserve them all…CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 xoxo Tan

  12. Wonderful award! Thank you for the pingback. I look forward to reading here.

  13. Congratulations, this was a wonderful post… Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  14. I love this! Thank you for more comics of me 🙂

  15. Androgoth says:

    Thank you as always for calling into my Space, reading or viewing what I have added and adding your fine thoughts. I also want to thank you for offering me this ‘Blog On Fire Award’, which I will certainly add to my extra page my great friend 🙂 I am honoured that you have given this Award to me, even though you know full well that I do not participate in these nominations myself, thank you Dolly 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  16. When a blog is as good as yours is, it is my pleasure to post comments!

  17. Well Dolly, like you, I’m surprised that I have made all of those comments too; but then, you do have posts that invite comments… 😉
    I’ll do my best to honour your award to me… Lots o’ love and hugs… 😉

  18. Jueseppi B. says:

    Oh MY….Dolly…you need me to build you an award cabinet to hold all these awards? Congratulations…and I am humbled to have you pass this “Blog On Fire” Award….now we need a Blog Fire Extinguisher Award!!

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