Derinkuyu, Turkey- The Allure Of The Underground City…

Imagine a well-planned, well-connected, multi-tiered city in Turkey named

Derinkuyu, carved out of the stone underground. The history is incredible

and the fact that it has lasted this long in good condition is more amazing.

This may give food for thought about some cities of the future…

Hopefully, it won’t ever come to that…

click here:UndergroundcityofDERINKUYU

I think we need a red wine for today’s slides…  How about a toast!

A little note of advice:

Wine drinking is not good for the line they claim. Still, one by drinking red winepomace. Usually the culprits ‘fatty food’ with wine. But keep it always in one to two glasses of red wine per day. Wine drinkers are usually not overweight people. …

Unlike beer, even at relatively high consumption of wine a ‘wine belly’ is very unlikely.

Red instead of white wine

White and red wine contain many calories, but the little grain of red grapes contains more antioxidants. Furthermore, alcohol (in moderation!) help prevent blood clots.

Cheers Everyone!


  1. Really cool. Seems like a fun place to hang out.

  2. Amazing pictures~ I would love to go visit.

  3. The underground city pics are fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

    I make wine as a hobby. Carrying on the family tradition, and of course staying healthy…

  4. Amazing. I had no idea turkeys lived underground. Does it have something to do with global warming??

  5. Dolly… 🙂 I’m back, finally, from the banishment to limbo… seems to have been a simple fix that took a long time to find, but I can now access all sites I was blocked from by the glitch… great presentation on this city… I read an article in one of the Bathroom Reader’s Institute books on this city… and the apparently hundreds of others that are located all over this province of Capadocia. According to this article, the cities were built and used for centuries, as the valley it inhabits lies on one of the major trade and travel routes in the ancient world, from long before the time of Rome, even during the time of much of the Old Testament…. fascinating subject, and compelling mystery…. and a well put together presentation… you’re a wizard, kid, for sure…..

    • Oh I’m so happy, you’re back 🙂 I missed you!
      And thanks so much for this additional info regarding underground cities.. It really is fascinating subject and you are more qualified into doing this kind of topic… you know a lot more about history things than me.. I am very sure of that…We all missed you in our coffee time yesterday, but you could still have a peek on it and enjoy the journey…Thanks Ned, I really am glad for your visit 🙂

  6. I love spelunking and find it amazing i`ve never heard of this place before – i guess it is true that you do learn something new everyday (it`s just too bad that some memory or another has to be bumped for it;s place though!)

  7. These photos are delightful, Dolly. There are a lot of underground cities under major cities worldwide, but I doubt many have the charm that this one does. As far as your take on wine, … humm, I’ll drink to that. 🙂

  8. Dolly,

    Once again you stun me with a beautiful post. I would have never known of this underground cavern city without you. I’m enthralled by the design and the history of it all and now I’m probably going to be on a history binge for quite some time researching all I can about the lore of this city. Thank you so much Dolly – the slideshow was informative and beautiful and it brought something to light that I hadn’t learned yet. I think that’s about all you can ask for from a great post! 😀

  9. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    The slide show of the underground city is one of the most fascinating ones I’ve viewed. Oh, to see it in real life! What a surreal experience that would be.

  10. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    To moderation–cheers!

  11. These photos realy fascinate me….Theres so much to see (without irony) below the surface….Instantly attracted my eyes…

  12. I’m (hic) determined to (hic) avoid blood clots (hic) !


  13. I genuinly want to go back to Turkey and this post isn’t helping with staying home… That is gorgeous!

  14. There are more in India.. eg. dholera, ajanta ellora caves etc. Just google them if interested.


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