An Easter Bunny’s Treat And Thanksgiving

I like to greet you all a Happy Happy Easter Sunday…

May we have more good blessings to come.

It’s an Easter Bunny’s Thanksgiving because I am now back to good health after my minor surgery last Tuesday, April 3, 2012.  I thank God for my fast recovery and I also thank all of you, my buddies here in the blogging community who prayed and expressed their good wishes for me. (Enjoy The Beauty Of Birds)

Plus it’s an Easter Bunny’s Treat too because of more awards, likes, comments, and tags that I received from our fellow bloggers…who I’d mention below.  All of them are sincere, true, down to earth, loving, sweet bloggers who I met here in our blogging community via Word Press.  Please feel free to visit their homepages and see their world.  Thank you 🙂

The 3 In 1 Award, given by:Beth 

Thank you so much Beth :) This is my first to receive 3 awards in one … I am truly honored :)

Details for these awards are here:

One Lovely Blog AwardABC Award,Sunshine Award

My 2nd Sunshine Award given by Kimsilentlyheardonce

And 3rd Sunshine Award by Teresa 

Thank you so much silent Kim, and sweet Teresa.  You both shine my blog whenever you pay visit :) I am truly honored.

Details for this award is here: Sunshine Award

My 3rd Creative Chaos Award given by: Jen 

Thank you so much Jen for this very colorful award… I am truly honored… This is my 3rd to receive this award only it’s different image and here are the details: Creative Chaos Award

My 12 Versatile Blogger Award
given by Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Thank you so much Cynthia Ann for this Versatile Blogger Award, I feel really happy about this that you thought of All About Lemon as Versatile.
Click the image below for the details of this award:

The 5 In 1 Award by Autumn Sunshine 

Thank you so much Sunshine… Really I am so speechless for you to nominate  5 Awards in one time to All About Lemon.  I value this a lot!
And my details for these awards are here: Kreativ Blogger, Award,Creative Chaos AwardVersatile Blogger Award,Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments, and Reader’s Appreciation Award.

Whew! And Julie Catherine  Tagged Me and it’s my 7th Time.

And here are my answers to Julie’s 11 Questions:

1)  Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert

2)  Skydiving or Snorkeling? Snorkeling

3)  Beer, wine, or cocktail with cute umbrella? Wine 

4) You’re playing Truth or Dare. If you knew that no one would find out, would you lie and pretend you’re telling the truth?  Why? Yes, I would have.. Just because…

5)  Did you tell the truth in question 4? Probably not… hehehe

6)  If you could play any character on any television show, who would you choose, and why? Olive in Popeye the Sailor man.  Because she is funny 🙂

7)  If you do something silly or embarrassing in public do you: giggle, look around to see if anyone saw, or carry on as if nothing happened? I’d carry on as if nothing happened… 🙂

8)  Salty or Sweet: Which is your favourite snack, and what is it? Sweet and my favorite snack are Raisins. But I love chocolate most 🙂

9)  If you could be any kind of animal, which would you be, and why? I like to be an Eagle… I want to be up there in the sky and see the world and be free…

10)  If you were stranded on a deserted island and only had one book, which one would it be? The “Secret” book.

11)  Breakfast in bed, or lunch in your favourite restaurant – which would you choose, and why? Breakfast in bed.  I feel it’s more comfortable and especially romantic if you were with your partner.

Thank you so much Julie for tagging me.  I enjoyed answering your questions and here are my respond to this game:

1st Tag2nd Tag3rd Tag4th Tag5th Tag6th Tag 

Lastly for my Easter Bunny’s treat is to honor my Top Recent Commenters and to thank Autumn Sunshine for having me as one of her Top Recent Commenters in her Blog.  Awesome isn’t it?

Marcy, Carol, Mark, Andro, and JB, for the last month and until last week, you hold this title, hahaha congratulations. Thank you to all of your cheers!

For Ned, thank you to all of your comments for the last week, I appreciate them all.

For Amy, thank you so much for participating in my Art Game.

For Lisa, thanks for joining the second For The Love of  Haiku and for having the highest number of likes last March FTLOH2.

For Fierce, thanks for joining the first For The Love Of Haiku and having the highest number of likes in February FTLOH1.

Thank you to all of your cheers and support and the good news is that you are not required to do anything.  Just accept my sincere gratitude to all of you.

These bloggers are all awesome and are all unique in their own ways.  So click on their names to visit their world and be amazed of what they can offer to your wits.

 ***As a token of appreciation to all of you who nominated me with awards I provided a page where you can view them any time here: Awards Showroom


  1. They wheeled her into surgery
    The outlook it was grim
    The surgeons got their knives and saws
    And then they trooped on in

    And twenty hours later
    After many screams and wails
    Toothsome said: “Why, thank you, doctors,
    For clipping my toenails!”

    1. Glad you’re feeling better.
    2. Belated Happy Easter!
    3. Congrats on winning another 3,145,609,234.8 awards… : )

  2. Congrats to you on all of your awards…very much deserved! 🙂 Hope you had a magnificent Easter! Happy Monday! 🙂

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Amazing that you won all those awards, and much deserved too.

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and I always enjoy reading your blog!

  5. Jeff Whelan says:

    Hadn’t heard about your surgery. Glad to hear you’re doing well again. Seems like it would take a lot more than minor surgery to keep you down, Dolly! Happy Easter!

  6. Jeff Whelan says:

    Was not aware of your surgery. Glad to hear you are doing well again. Seems like it would take a lot more than minor surgery to keep you down, Dolly!

  7. Happy Easter.

  8. Happy Easter!! Love your fun posts, always brings me a huge smile 🙂

  9. Dolly…..Glad you’re feeling better…. You deserve all these awards, for sure….Take care, mi amiga…. 🙂 And thanks for the mention…..

  10. Great post as always, Dolly! Happy Easter!

  11. Happy Easter Dolly! Am glad to hear you’re recovering nicely 🙂

  12. Androgoth says:

    Happy Easter Dolly 😉 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  13. Happy Easter ! Guess what? You’re also one of my top Commenter’s so here is an award 🙂 hugs, Autumn

  14. Good to hear that you’re feeling better 🙂
    And congrats on the awards! Well deserved!

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