The Escalator Video…

Can you change people’s habits and attitudes?  Can you take a hard task and change peoples conduct and attitudes by making a hard job seem fun?  Watch what a group of scientists did using fun or pleasure to get people to use a long staircase with a moving escalator right next to it.

At first no one took the stairs; almost 97% of the people took the electric moving escalator.  Notice how scientists changed how people reacted to climbing a long staircase as first choice.  Now 66% more people took the stairs. This is not a joke but a practical value in life.

In the video, you can observe what the scientists did and how they completely reversed human behavior by inserting fun.


  1. Delightful!

    It reminds me of the Toothsome Dental Clinic. When given a choice between going to the Toothsome Dental Clinic and having their teeth filled with coffee grounds, or eating a free 10-pound bag of candy, 92.6% of all survey respondents chose the Clinic because Toothsome is so much fun and even sweeter than candy. : )

  2. Pure genius. We have staris in our house, Hmmm-this might be a good idea for the family!

  3. What a great video. There is a great life lesson in there! Have fun friends!

  4. Ha ha Dolly! This is the kind of video that makes you love people! 🙂

  5. Hi Dolly, I’ve been on holidays the past week so I’m busily ‘catching up’.
    This is really great… what a great way to get people exercising in a fun way…. makes me think about the steps at our local mall..!!! Maybe more would use them (instead of the walkways) if they were made as fun as shown in the vid….
    Have a great day…. 😉

    • Hello my dear Carol, I missed you 🙂
      I’m glad you found the video very interesting. Truly fun enhances each of us to treat life more lively and exciting. I am sure you had a great time on your holidays… How was the dance contest by the way?
      Thanks so much for coming by and have a great day too ::)
      Dolly xoxo

      • Your vids are always ‘fun’ Dolly…. and informative 😉
        and yes, we had fun and we were very ‘lively’…. I’ll be posting a couple of pics from the comp ‘hopefully’ next week.. we managed a win and a couple of ‘personal bests’ 😉 so much fun…. 😉

  6. I nominated you for an award, congrats!! Hugs, Autumn ♥

  7. Can I push the “like” button ten times? I had seen this before and forgotten about it..Thanks for posting it!! I’m saving it 🙂

  8. I just popped in here to say thank you for visiting my blog , woow you have an amazing blog here it is so happy colourful and bouncy good to met you !! xxxx

    • You’re so welcome Willow, I happened to know your blog thru Gigoid. Nice meeting you here via WordPress, I’m happy to get connected. See you around dear!

      • Thank you Dolly!!

      • Now, THAT is Serendipity, is it not? It makes me very happy to see you two find each other’s blogs; you’re both going to love each other, I know it…. Dolly, another great post… this ought to be installed in every mass transport stairway in the world… a lot of folks would be less obese…. and I’ll bet it would create a whole new field of Performance Art…. What a grand concept this was….

  9. grosenberg says:

    Fun is one of the best motivators I know of. Would that more educators learn this 🙂

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