Sometimes, a few moments of time can seal our fate…



  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    I have nominated your blog, “allaboutlemon”, for The Reader Appreciation Award. You deserve this believe me you do. To read about your nomination, just click on the link….http://theobamacrat.com/2012/04/14/the-reader-appreciation-award/. Enjoy and congratulations.

  2. Talk about fearless! Truly amazing…. and all the more so to know he lived through it….

  3. sunlitrain says:

    Hi…I’m a surfer… great post…Amazing scary wave….the big wave riders aren’t from this planet!

  4. Jueseppi B. says:

    I am finding this a bit hard to believe. So difficult to tell what is real on the internet and what is fake.

    • Ya, 🙂 That is why it is Unbelievable… haha

    • This giant wave surfing video is apparently a true event. I looked it up at Snopes for “hoaxocity” quality and found that the surfer is Mike Parsons, born March 3, 1965. This surfing event, reportedly, was sponsored by Billabong Corp. and Parsons was awarded $66,000 for surfing this wave, which was 66 feet (22 meters) high. There’s some confusion, to me, about whether this took place at Cortez Bank, CA or Maui. At Amazon.com, you can purchase a “mini-DVD” called “Billabong Odyssey: The Search for the World’s Biggest Waves” and see other such amazing surfing feats. So, as far as believability of anything amazing…I’ve read (forget where) that the more absurd something seems, the more it’s likely to be true. Good for thought!

  5. I had the very same experience in my bathtub once. It took me three weeks to get the water out of my ears. On the plus side, it was the cleanest they’ve ever been… : P

  6. So true. I think we sometimes forget that moments are as important as months or years.

  7. Its hard to tell who it is but it might be Ross Clarke Jones

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