Smile-makers to share… Just Another Manic Monday

Some oldies, some new…  graphic comments-Funny Graphics


  1. These are just what I needed on a wet Friday morning. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve been skipping around yours this morning. You have a lot for a newbee, and I like it. Maybe you’re not quite a newbee anymore, but compared to some you are. I’ve been blogging just a year last month. Do I blog for myself, bla, bla bla. How true your comment is. I love it. I love blogging, and I do tend to get overexcited about a good comment or big “hit” day. But I guess I blog because I feel like that’s what God has for me now. I looked for an “about” place to learn about you. Did I miss it?

  3. These are very funny!

  4. I only see little question marks, but they were highly entertaining.

    Uh… could I get a refill on the coffee, please?

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