For The Love Of Haiku 1 & 2 Review


Life as motorcoach

Red halts to float,  Green progressed 

Yellow chills its time…




“This is Wabash”
car fills with menagerie
“doors closing” 



With 9 Likes



Wand in a backpack…
Novice magician casts spell
over commuters.

Sarah Potter


innocent yellow,
suspended red and webbed blue,
crazed thick white grimace.


rumbling in darkness

night filled with dream images

here my mind is free


Shoppers and looters

Commingle with commuters,

Strange underground life.

Transport of Delight?
Chaos imposed on order –
I’ll take the bus, thanks…




Dog and cat at peace?!
Guess this train’s headed for Hell

Rufio Jones



Waterfalls and Chaos
I see a new beginning.
World keeps evolving… 


Tiffanie King


Explosion of Earth

Strange beings all around me

Mystery surrounds

by:  Lisa Summerlin  with 10 LIKES




   Creating Myself Daily says:

Little did you know,
that at the edge of the woods,
dreams wait for the night.

 Pia Valentin Sørensen says:

Land of fairytales
Feathers and flowers blooming
Time is catching up

Jeff Whelan says:

 entering dreamland
the welcoming committee
full of surprizes

The Scrivener’s Error says:

The atomic flames
Reveal madness in our world,
Strangers in our midst.

Amy Whelan says:

All of creation
Together in one moment
Peace and love abound

 Anna J. Boll says:

Middle class captive
Blind to horrors far away
Our valley is lush

Mark Armstrong says:

Garden of Eden
Everyone out of the pool
Toothsome dropped the bomb

Melinda says:

Silent witness where
once we dwelled. 
Leave the garden,
paradise is lost.

  Family Haikus says:

Strangest dream last night:
bombs, stone-bots, big bugs, small men.
No more tequillia!

Marc Phillippe Babineau says:

I like the robot’s
Foray into the realms of
Humanity’s love.


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See you on Saturday April 21, 2012: For The Love Of Haiku 3


  1. Looking forward to Round 3 😀

  2. Thanks, ever so, for the link to one of my blog posts 🙂 Your are a communication hub extraordinaire x

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    My husband, a bus driver, said, “I used to think I was a people-person before I started driving a transit bus.”

  4. I had to look up Haiku (the Wikipedia account) and I am still no more enlightened. Maybe I’ll get it ten years after the fad has waned as is my usual custom.

  5. Nice arrary of characters happily getting along. Cute picture.


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