Music Passion April Theme: Music in the 50′s with a word ”Love” in its song’s title…

Make your vote now 🙂

 Love Me Tender

  Bye Bye Love

 Why Do Fools Fall In Love

 Comes Love

Your vote counts!

Starting now to 12pm(GMT) the 30th of April, 2012, the Song that hits the highest number of votes plus the number of its Likes in each blogger’s Music Passion Post, will be our next Music Passion Tagger for the month of May.

You can also visit Music Passion Page to see complete details of this Music Fun 🙂

Please use the comment area and write the song of your choice:

Love Me Tender

Bye Bye Love

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Comes Love


Thank You Dear All Fellow-Blogger-Friends!

Have A Musical Sunday!


  1. Why do Fools Fall in Love

  2. Love me Tender!

  3. Bye Bye Love

  4. Has to be Love Me Tender!

  5. Love me tender, gets my vote, Dolly. 🙂

  6. love it!

  7. I like Why Do Fools Fall In Love the most 🙂

  8. Love me tender is my vote, too 🙂

  9. There’s a Japanese/French film screening at this year’s Cannes Film Festival named Like Someone in Love which is the name of a song/album made by Ella Fitzgerald in 1957. The trailer has the music playing throughout.

  10. grosenberg says:

    Love Me Tender for sure on this one :)…

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