Nooby And Co-Toons

To see the first and second strips, here: Wok Pres-Toon Town


Tip #3 : Win friends or followers by being versatile.   Of course it’s awesome to meet bloggers who have the same passion just like you have, but this is a blogging community so better expose yourself to a lot of new things other than just the things that you already have and love to do.   Get curious and learn from the other bloggers.

Tip #4: Write, write, write or keep on blogging.  Eliminate all negative thoughts and feelings rather be optimistic that the whole world of blogging opportunity is open to you. They may like your post or not, the important is, you are here.

Are there more tips we need to know?  Please feel free to share you thoughts… Thank you!

Until next time….




  1. Amazing, delightful, and beautiful wok!!– er, I mean, work!!! It’s just so– so– Toothsome is what it is!! : )

    Wonderful, colorful characters/caricatures representing so many of the fine folks who come here regularly to douse themselves with lemon juice–!

    Nicely laid out panels, brilliant color, great dialogue and word balloons, and excellent advice for bloggers, noobies and not-so-noobies.

    I especially liked this advice: “Others may like your post or not, the important thing is, you are here.”

    That is profound wisdom, and applies not only to blogging, but Life itself. Hats, beanies, toupees, and wigs off to Toothsome!!! : )

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful comment… you encourage me to do more strips… I was about to stop it a while 🙂

      I am happy that you like this piece of advice, “Others may like your post or not, the important thing is, you are here.” And you are right it applies to real LIFE itself….. hmm I never thought about that….until now hahaha
      I sincerely appreciate your cheers my dear friend 🙂 Thank you so much!

  2. awesome

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