FTLOH-3 Thank You To All Haiku Lovers!

For The Love Of Haiku – 3

Circus in spring,
Kids play, hippos’ kiss…  Eye float!
Munchausen laughs…
Tiffanie King



Pursued by the Muses of prose, poetry, and music.

For having the highest number of likes in this 3rd month For the Love of Haiku.

She says:

The silly season…
Buddha just sees still water
in a world gone mad.

 And Other Haiku Lovers Say:

Ordinary Girl, Ordinary Life says:

Kaleidoscope Spring –
my mind flows with breezes in
beautiful daydreams.

-A. Hoyt

Bridge over fun, Clown 
rests, Two-tail stunt… Mind-flight! 
A Buddha smiles.

Alex Fyffe says:

Circus elephant –
Free but still performing tricks
Knowing nothing else

Family Haikus says:

She said “Surprise me!”
Perhaps I went overboard…
Strangest date ever.

grosenberg says:

Elephant on ball
Bubble girls splash, lady floats
Aware Budah laughs

Mark Armstrong says:

 ignoring the crowd
hippos compare cavities
repaired by Toothsome

Linda Vernon says:

who is this genius
hippopotamus Mister
Markie McGiggles?

Mark Armstrong says:

Markie tries to think
Hippocampus has decamped
Smoke pours from red ears…

The Arts Antenna says:

What is a Haiku?
Will somebody please explain…
That picture is fake!

adollyciousirony says:

Join us in the game…
Click the link to understand…
Pic from my Art Game!

The Arts Antenna says:

Ohhhh, I get it now
My last comment was a fluke
(What are the chances!?)


A consciousness shift
“just go with the flow” they said
Now we have no wars


adollyciousirony says:

Yay! That’s wonderful!
We’re  here to have fun, win friends!
Anymore Haiku?

Lady Marilyn Kay Dennis says:

Nude and numb under
Its white coat, the tree awaits
Spring’s warm, gentle kiss.

Ordinary Girl, Ordinary Life says:

Alice would be lost,
where even dreams multitask –
down this rabbit’s hole

adollyciousirony says:

A hole to escape!
Run quickly! We’re just havin’-
Family picnic… :)


Everyone is welcome to join me in this fun just because you love what you are doing and you are happy to do it.

Every third Saturdays of the month I will post an image that I got from  my Art Game and then you write down your Haiku based on what you see on the image.

Those who would be happy to join this fun, just click “For the Love of Haiku” page and there you write down your Haiku on the comment area. You can copy the image and post it to your blog with the title – For The Love Of Haiku, and always link the page.

By the end of the month, I will post all of the Haiku submitted with the image. The first Haiku written would just meant that he or she got the highest likes… :) There are no losers in this game, we are all winners.

Thanks to all of my  above mentioned blogger friends who participated the “For the Love of Haiku3”…

See you again on the 3rd Saturday of May FTLOH4

Grab your beautiful Haiku Logo.

Here is the link:  <a href=”http://allaboutlemon.com/for-the-love-of-haiku/” target=”_blank”><img src=”https://allaboutlemon.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/haiku-allaboutlemon.jpg” border=”0″ /></a>

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  1. Hi! Thank you for checking out my blog! I’m still VERY new to all this and trying to figure it out (it took me something like 20 minutes looking through here to find out how to respond or comment).
    You Haikus and pictures inspired –

    I saw “Titanic”
    It scares me cause I work ships
    But I’m still alive

    If you have any tips of how to get my blog going and better, i’d love to hear!

  2. Your blog is a smorgasbord of ideas, color, thoughts, art, writing & more — love the Haiku entries, too!

  3. Oh, wow. That is so exciting. A big thank you to adollyciousirony for providing the opportunity to participate in ‘For Love of Haiku3’ and another big thank you to all of those lovely people who’ve liked my haiku enough to say so 🙂

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