Mimine, My May Muse In Action

Meow-meow, let me go

Thanks… ‘got to see the sunlight!

…and have li’l sunbathing.


Weee! It’s  shower time!

What do you think I’d do next?

Right! ‘take my nap…meow!

See you again next time!

Click my Muse page to see more of her 🙂

Au revoir!


  1. She certainly is a cute little monkey– how many bananas does she eat every day?

  2. All in one: Review says:

    soooo… cute..

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I don’t have a muse. Glad to meet yours.

  4. What is it with cats drinking water from the tap? Mine does it too!!
    What a beautiful muse you’ve got there!!

  5. Katrina says:

    Beautiful cat, my muse is a Siamese fighting fish (although he’s actually quite friendly and loves when I’m at my desk for long periods of time) have a wonderful weekend, Happy Mothers Day!

  6. Thanks for sharing your Tabby,she is beautiful.

  7. grosenberg says:

    she’s just purr-fectly cute…. 😉

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