Yummy Me As A Flavor

For I am your chocolate you would always crave about…

Visit Chocolate Hills Philippines http://www.bohol.ph/article6.html
And grab me with you 🙂

I may be very picky but I am honest and a good friend.
Once you get to know me, I am really really sweet. You would always want to be around me.

How about you?  What would you be if you were a flavor? And Why?

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  1. I like chocolates of all flavours but
    I guess that if I had to choose then
    it would have to be milk chocolate,
    even though it is said that darker
    chocolate is much better for us 🙂

    Hey I have missed you Dolly 🙂 😉

    Andro XXx

  2. Very simply ‘dark chocolate’… rich and flavourful – no need to add anything; one lick and you’re swept up into a heaven like swell of enormous sensation… (Am I allowed to say that!?) 😉

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Licorice root. Not too sweet, but it refreshes.

  4. I would be the flavor of tequila. I can be bitter, hot, and sour if you enjoy me as a shot. Or you can mix me with other flavors and I could be sweet. If you consume enough of me I can make you giggle, too much I can make you cry in self pity. If you have just one too many of me You’ll make decisions you may regret and wake up in Tijuana with a bad headache. 😀

  5. Chocolate is the last flavor I’d want to be. As much as I love it, I’d devour myself. LOL. I think I’ll be lemon, or vanilla…anything but chocolate! 😉

  6. Today I am homemade apple butter on a warm biscuit, but tomorrow I might be ferociously marmalade meringue or proud pistachio pie.

  7. Katrina says:

    I will share a short story I wrote a few years ago and post it today, linking back to your blog as inspiration for the post.

  8. I visited this place 2 years ago, and had great fun too, ditto with chocolates which is my favorite flavor!

  9. staticbachelor says:

    Interessting question I’ll use it on my friends but I’m having a hard time guessing at what flavour I would be. I guess dark chocolate on the outside(secretive) a little spicy(perseverance/stubbornness) white chocolate in the centre(hidden child). By the way I also love Swiss chocolate but my favourite ice cream is vanilla

  10. I would be crab, a hard shell to crack but oh so yummy on the inside. Peace Jaz

  11. I love chocolate but I probably be coffee. I love coffee the most.

  12. Gosh! Just when I thought Toothsome couldn’t possibly get any sweeter or zanier… : P

    I would be mint chocolate chip, a whole half-gallon squashed into a round tin plate, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate fudge sauce and walnuts and Hershey’s kisses, with a big cherry on top.

    People are always telling me I’m a sweetie pie, so I might as well look like one… : P


  1. […] have been inspired to share this story by allaboutlemon who is asking if we were a flavor, what flavor would we be. I wrote this a few years ago for a […]

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