Tooth Of The Day…

The Cast:

Toothsome, Mac Giggles


  1. Julie Catherine says:

    Hahaha, this is toothfully delightful! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen many comic strips in my time, but none ever grabbed me by the throat like Tooth Of The Day!! It’s altogether awesome!! I wanted to comment on the first two episodes, but they disappeared– probably abducted by aliens who are going to use them as the foundation for an enlightened new civilization!! Well, I can’t blame them, sounds like a good idea…

    I do hope Toothsome will continue to try to teach poor Mac Giggles– he’s clearly an idiot who needs a lot of help… : P

    Excellent work, and that’s the tooth! : )

    • Thanks Mark 🙂 you are really toothful to always leave me some giggling comments 🙂

      The abducted 2 episodes will be posted soon together with the other 29 episodes which I already prepared for the entire month of August, during my holidays to Paris, hehehe. You’re my number one fan and my super genius critic… so make sure you’ll leave comments on each of them.. 🙂
      And by the way Mac Giggles is not an idiot. He is actually very smart, he is the half brother of Mr. Bean… sort of that kind of character, hahaha but Mac Giggles is more awesome of course 🙂

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