For The Love Of Haiku 5

I love to write poems, short stories ( fiction or non-fiction)… but sometimes I need a muse and the perfect mood to start with a new one. Well aren’t we all writers feel this way? :)

Aside from writing , I love to create too.  I love and enjoy arts.  I also like to take photos to anything that caught my eye.  Anyways, each of us here in the blogging community has something to offer in the world.   I believe that we all are here and that we are doing what we are doing now in the blogging world for a reason or just because…

Since, I started my Art Game, I noticed that I gained more friends. ( I prefer to call my followers as my friends or buddies here in the blogging community). Although all are not participating but in one way or another I get to know other bloggers through them.  Awesome, isn’t it?

Because of this I thought of something for those who just love to write like me… so how about we do something “For The Love Of Haiku”? And that is how I’d like to call this some kind of fun or mind-game.

Everyone is welcome to join me in this fun just because you love what you are doing and you are happy to do it.

Every third Saturdays of the month I will post an image that I got from  my Art Game and then you write down your Haiku based on what you see on the image.

February 18, 2012 :FTLOH-1

March 17, 2012: FTLOH-2

April 21, 2012: FTLOH-3

May 19, 2012: FTLOH-4

Important notes to remember:

***You can always check the result for the highest likes for each particular date hereHaiku Lovers

Grab your beautiful Haiku Logo.

Here is the link:  <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a>

Copy the link above and paste on your Text Widget


For The Love Of Haiku 5

The ObamaCrat
Jeff Whellan
Spoiled Brat

I dreamt, you and me.

We danced with some loony blues…

Aliens were with  us!

Tiffanie King

And What Do The Haiku Lovers Say?

P.S. I apologize, we should have started this last week, I thought today is the 3rd Saturday for June… hehehe
Anyways let’s get our mind working now for this fun.  Let’s go! 


  1. A lovely idea. I probably won’t participate, but I’ll check in on it.

    I know that Raven will be so happy with this.

    Good luck!

  2. I’m no expret – to say the least – but this was a blast to read!

  3. I’ve just posted my offering for this month’s Love of Haiku at Thanks everyone who contributed to the great picture for June, and, of course, my usual thanks to Dolly for providing the opportunity to participate in all the fun 🙂

    PS Don’t know why my link says haiku-4 rather than 5, but this number probably corresponds to the number of times I’ve contributed a haiku. I hope it leads you to the correct post.

  4. jakesprinter says:

    Great work my friend ,Thanks for sharing 🙂


  1. […] to teleport over to  and join all this month’s spacey fun over there, courtesy of the princess of blogging, […]

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