Here Are The Haiku Lovers For The Love Of Haiku 5

For The Love Of Haiku 5

The ObamaCrat
Jeff Whellan
Spoiled Brat

I dreamt, you and me.

We danced with some loony blues…

Aliens were with  us!

Tiffanie King

And Here What The Haiku Lovers Say…

  Creating Myself Daily says:

Floating around blue,

depth of emotion expressed,

in odd, random ways.

 Mark Armstrong says:

mower clicks and clacks
water world of cyan hues
dig: rhythm and blues

 sarahpotterwrites says:

Waiting for dinner.
Fishmeal dropped from sky,
packaged in spacesuit.

 silentlyheardonce says :

World of mystery

Creatures of the blue unite

in utopia

 grosenberg says:
Lovely blue planet

Infinite Variety here

we are alien.

Jeff Whelan says:

What amazes us

is never what we expect,

so giggle away.
carolynpageabc says:

A hotchpotch of fun

for Sci-fi fans to enjoy!

Is there a film here?


We could make this grand

Everyone could play a part.

Who would be the hero?


And the pink pig wins!

Why? You ask why, my dear friends?

He’s got ‘em covered!


A pink pig; but who?

To play such a role needs guts.

Now, who can we choose?


I know; there’s but one

who has grace, charm and pink-ness

Yes, you have guessed it!


Miss Piggy could lead;

Dolly could space up in drag,

and we could all play!


How exciting, wow!

A movie ‘bout all of us!

Suit up one and all.


Come play with us now.

Put on your best garb and smile;

all win at Dolly’s haiku! 


adollyciousirony says:

Aliens are we not?

Supposedly we all are.

Some blues… All Is One! 

For more info about this fun click For The Love Of Haiku.


  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I keep forgetting if it’s 7-5-7, or 5-7-5. So now I know. No excuses. I’ve got to write one someday.

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