Immortal Greig and Renoir

Sit back and enjoy some of the masterworks of immortal painters

Greig and Renoir with soothing background music.


Pour  yourself a cup of coffee and drink with me…

Click this :

Have A Pleasant Weekend To All!


  1. spinoza1111 says:

    Painting and music complement each other. The iPod in the Louvre will take the top of yer hear off and bliss ya out.

    Renoir is a dream of felicity as in “felix”, happiness. He reminds me of one of my favorite students who said her favorite words were “family” and “book”. How sheltered you feel in a family with culture.

  2. spinoza1111 says:

    Thanks for following my blog so much in recent days. I know the theme is kind of sad and my prose style and use of arcana can put people off. But your Likes have been encouraging and it’s time for me to comeback here. I am sure I will Like stuff!

  3. This is definitely a “keeeper.”

  4. How delightful to slurp coffee, make donut crumbs, and enjoy the company of two of the greatest artists of all time: Renoir and Toothsome… : )

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