Just Having Fun- Call Me Maybe

When I was just a student, I only worried about me to graduate on time and my monthly school allowance to be on time, hehehe 🙂
And the rest were about having fun with my friends but after when everything would go well with my grades, making sure I passed all of my exams. It was a treat for myself.
Well this is a video of my eldest daughter Tahlliy who is about to graduate in Dentistry, year 2014.  I watched her having fun in this video and she reminded me of myself when I was at her age 🙂
I am just so proud to share them with you.  Watch and enjoy!

Tahlliy showing off her first tooth extraction.  And it was successful,  hahaha 🙂


  1. I remember extracting teeth in clinic– it was so scary at first! Good thing they have some fun stuff to do on the side. How cool that she followed in your footsteps!

    • Hello lolabees 🙂 Thanks for your visit. Yes, it was scary at first… hahaha I remembered my first time too… yikes! I could still feel the feeling … LOL.
      I was just like her, after all the pressures from school, I would make sure I had fun afterwards 🙂

  2. Feel good video. They do like they are having lots of fun. Cute kids. You must be so proud.

  3. Now see here! She should replace that tooth at once! The patient may decide to go to the Lemons R Us Café, and he’ll need that tooth to eat donuts and make crumbs!! : P

  4. wow that is an achievement! though i really hate to be on the dentist’s chair.

  5. Julie Catherine says:

    Aww, this was cute – what fun! 🙂

  6. talesfromthelou says:

    Very sweet Honeybee…

  7. I am smiling from ear to ear….. She (and her friends) are all wonderful young people….
    Wow; she is her mother all over; right down to her infectious personality…. 🙂
    Heart thumps to you sweet Dolly…. 🙂

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