For The Love Of Haiku-6- Who’s Gonna Top This Time?

For The Love Of Haiku – 6

 I say:

With a bit of luck

Two ducks near the Love Tower 

Trapped inside the jar-


“Quack!”, quacks lovey duck.

-Froggy’s Jar of Lemon Dreams…

Here they fell in love!

 And they say:

silentlyheardonce says:

Prisoners of giants.

Captured inside a glass jar,

a  miniscule world.

carolynpageabc says:

Yes love, dinner’s here!

frogs legs, aliens, na,na

And a marinade!

(oh, gruesome!)

grosenberg says:

Strange mixed guardians
Angel trapped in Eifel jar
What would freedom bring? 

Mark Armstrong says:

Prisoner in a jar
Flexing my big blue muscles
I lost my undies

(but I still look good)

Toothsome says:

“I thought raindrops fell?”,
quacks duck under umbrella.
Wondering who pissed?!?


Is there anymore Haiku out there?
Serious, funny or any out of this world Haiku will do.
Base on the image given above.  It’s easy as long as you  have these lines 5-7-5.
Be Alive And Join Us With This Fun!

 For more info about this fun, click For The Love Of Haiku and share us your best Haiku :)

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  1. Point Zip Zoom Cling Slip
    Blue love vapor still inside
    Waiting for magic.

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