#23 All Time Favorite Post- A Risk Worth Taking


I was so nervous, I thought, I’m not gonna make it alive!

Scuba Diving in depths of the ocean

I like to learn new skill and somehow I like to see the world under water so I thought scuba diving would be very interesting. I enrolled in the Open Sea Course even I am not a good swimmer. I’m only good at floating. Hahaha.

I was glad I did it! I was able to enjoy the world under the sea!

It’s worth taking!

February, 2009, Red Sea

Open Sea Dive, October 2008

Open sea dive, June 2008, during the course training

Well, I am looking forward to dive again in the future.  The last time I did it was last April of 2010 and I was already halfway down when I signaled my buddy that I wanted to come up already.  I just didn’t feel right to go for it.  I felt something it was not good that I have to trust my gut about it.  I nearly panicked, I got blocked out I did not even know which button I would push so that I could start my way up!  Thank God my buddy was quick enough to understand me, he pushed the button for me.  Good Lord I reached the shore safe. Hahahaha

But the next time I will dive, I make sure I know that I can really swim, I mean really know how to swim and not just float…  hahaha 🙂

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  1. One of my favorite things to do in the world! We explore the Carribean but want to expand. Its certainly a whole nother world down there! The island of Curacao has been our favorite.

    • Wow! I’m jealous.. hehehe I just got to learn how to really swim… hahhaa.. but I would love to do scuba diving again in the near future 🙂 I’m happy to know SD is one of your favorite things to do… Awesome!

  2. you are different than usual.

  3. Yes, it’s a good thing you got out when you did. I recognize those beings. They’re part-machine, and they’ve got old sardine cans where their hearts should be, and tubes sticking out of their necks. That’s the Borg!! I saw ’em on Star Trek. Very nasty. They might have stolen your bathing cap and toothbrush and put sand between your toes. You had a very lucky escape!! : P.

  4. I always wanted to dive. Envy! Dream never to come true since my lungs are bad.

  5. You were brave! Even more brave to go again!

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