#11 All Time Favorite Post- A Scorpion Giving Birth… Have you seen one?

Scorpion anatomy: 1 = Prosoma; 2 = Mesosoma ; ...

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The scorpion’s birth process is truly amazing. The female’s back opens up and scores of newborn scorpions crawl out, and then the back grows back together like nothing has happened.

Nature really is surprising.

Any Ideas how a scorpion gives birth.  Here are the following photos you will find very sensational 🙂

At the back of this female scorpio a small slit would start to open on day 1…

Oh Gross!  Then numbers of baby scorpions started to advance on day two…

On day 3, still the baby scorpions continue to progress…

On day 4 the baby scorpions gradually move out and start to crawl and spread…

Yay! So Many of them 🙂

Last day on the 5th, the baby scorpions continue their way out, yet the young scorpion mother stays uninterrupted…

Look how breathtaking it is, young scorpion mother is back again to normal…  🙂

AMAZING!  Isn’t it? 


  1. Yes amazing.

  2. What a trip!!!

  3. Why?? Why did I click LIKE?? I haven’t seen anything that disturbing since my last dental x-rays… : (

    Idea: Could a scorpion be trained to work as a waitress at the Lemons R Us Café? It could scuttle over, open its back, and present patrons with a tasty selection of donut holes. Just an idea… : P

  4. Wow, I hate scorpions, but that is the most incredible thing I’ve seen!!

  5. That is incredibly amazing! I had no idea. Admittedly, I find it creepy too. I’m not a huge fan of scorpions but this is an incredible process. Thank you for sharing!

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