Anger Management- Just Another Manic Monday with Mac Giggles & Toothsome



“Anger Management”

Happy Weekdays Everyone!


Toothsome- Yours Truly

Mac Giggles- Mark’s Arm-so-strong and brilliant in Illustration  🙂

Note: By the way I know this joke is everywhere… but I’m experimenting how I can do it in comic strip, hehehe 🙂


  1. Julie Catherine says:

    LOL! 😀

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    You’re on a roll with these strips! Keep it up. I love Toothsome and Mac Giggles.
    I know Mac Giggles will be the toilet brush which makes it even funnier.

  3. Is that any way to treat good and kindly Mac Giggles?? True, he teases and mocks Toothsome at all times, but it’s very essential work, and needs to be done. I think it’s very noble how he has stepped forward and volunteered for this task. In fact, he deserves a reward!! I would suggest Free Coffee And Donuts at the Lemons R Us Café for the rest of his life.

    And he may not live much longer, since Toothsome sometimes uses him to clean the toilet. Shame, Toothsome, shame!! : P

  4. Good on ya!…. Careful, Toothsome, somebody is going to syndicate your comix, you’ll become world famous, get insanely rich, and forget all your WP friends…. I can see it now…. Just kidding, though I think it’s good enough to deserve syndication…. 🙂

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