Who Would Want A Cup Of Coffee, Anyone?

Okay buddies, while I am away, you could just grab the coffee you’d fancy at my Cafe Siesta.

Drinking coffee and slacking off are all part of what I do.

I drink coffee and afterwards, you bet I’d do stupid things faster with more energy.

I believe Men are like coffee, the best ones are rich, warm, and can keep you up all night long.

Oh Coffee! Is the planet shaking or is it just me?

Hello to all my blogger friends.  If suddenly you feel like you were out of something to write just remember that you have a place to go.  It is here in All About Lemon.  Just click on one of my pages or categories, “Coffee, Anyone?” and you will be taken to a place where you can be relaxed and day dream and Voila! All of a sudden you will know what to do or write to your blog.  Hehehe.  I hope my coffee would just help to boost up your energy.

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  1. I love coming here, but my coffee always gets cold. I can see my handsome face reflected on the surface, and I gaze at it for hours.

    Would it be possible to install a microwave oven at each table, so we can reheat cold coffee? It would help a lot. Thank you very much. : P

  2. To continue your simile, my wife would probably add something about being black and hot…. (no wonder I can’t keep up).

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