A Newbie In Word Press- Nooby in Wok Pres-Toon Town

This month All About Lemon is one year old and I like us to revisit this post.  To all of my buddies and/or fans here in Word Press and to those who just got/ stumbled here in my blog first time…   I am  honored to have met you all here in the blogging world. You are all awesome .  You are loved!

All of us started as a Newbie in Word Press.  I started my blog here in the middle of October last year.  And like other newbies, I have felt the same too when I posted my very first blog.  Haha, I also said to myself like, would anyone would read it? Would they like my topic? Would someone be critical about it? Well you named all the doubts that you have in mind, but one thing that would justify our reason why we blog after all is because we just like to do it and we are happy to do it for our own joy or peace of mind or satisfaction or to whatever reason we may have…  Sure, we all say to ourselves that we blog just for ourself and whether anyone or none would like our blog, bla-bla-bla… we do not mind at all…  But the truth is, deep  within us, we all want to be recognized by the others.  And if one or two would clicked LIKE to our blog, we are quick to check who would that be? We got curious to know about them…  We sometimes are not just satisfy for their like but we wanted to know why they like one or two of our posts and so on… and then we started to get curious… and wanting to have more… and then later we feel like we are addicted into blogging or like we always have a hangover after posting our blog each day… LOL.

Why I talk about this?  Well, I met a lot of newbies here in Word Press nowadays and they are all amazed of what I have in my blog.  They asked me to give them some tips or advices on how they could encourage other bloggers to read theirs or like their posts.

I can not tell whether my techniques are correct or the right approach… but basically I just answered their inquiries into what I thought was very helpful  for me when I was just like them- a NEWBIE.

Anyways as you all know me, I like to answer things in my own fun way.  I like this to be entertaining to all of us.  So I created a comic strip entitled “Wok Pres-Toon Town”.  Starring you and me, hehehe.   This is just an experimental and I will see how it goes.


The Cast are:

Andy: A Story Teller.

Janice: A Writer.

Jess: A Student.

Julie: An Artist

MumOfOne: A Mom

Nooby: A Newbie in Town

Nowan: A Super Weird Genius Guy

Sarah: A Musician

Teri: A Lover

And Toothsome: Yours Truly

***Note: You can visit the HP of my above cast by clicking on their Photoons… hehehe …  They are all my awesome buddies and each of them are promising bloggers here at Word Press …Thank You 🙂




So there you met Nooby, she is a NEWBIE in town- The Wok Prestoon Town.  Now she is interested to find out where Toothsome’s place is and what does she do or have in her world.

Tip #1:  If you are a Newbie… do not just sit around and wait for a blogger in Word Press to visit your page.  Roam around and see what other bloggers are doing or having in their world…  And if you like what you saw, leave a comment or two and if you are not sure what to say just go ahead and click LIKE.  I bet he or she will check your blog as well 🙂

Okay, sure some of you would say like, “But I am a writer”, or “I love arts”, or “I am a photographer”, or  “I’m a music lover”, and so on… Yeah sure each of us have our own passion that we wanted to brag about… and they are all unique in our own ways… But the question is, how would the other bloggers give you a notice? or a nod?

Note: Please feel free to write your ideas as a Newbie, what would Nooby want to ask Toothsome? And If you get lucky perhaps Toothsome would put you in this comic strip…  🙂

And to know more about this comic strip click here… have fun!


  1. Dolly, your cast of characters are wonderful. Very creative and thanks for inspiring newbie’s and me. 🙂

  2. It’s so pleasant here in Wacky Best Toons Town, such beautiful people. I mean, toons. And the pink-wigged mayor is so sweet and kind. I think I’ll stay here and become a vagrant… : P

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    The Toothsome comics are my favorite of your posts. I

  4. What a beautiful and welcoming space! I admire your attention to detail and vibrant use of your space!

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