Toothsome Story Game 1 Animated…

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Once upon a Toothsome Day,

 Mark Armstrong says:  a truck full of donuts

 Linda says:  pulled up at Al’s house,

 gigoid says:  leaking glazed all bran crullers

willowdot21 says:  which delighted all the birds.

Mrs. Peacock  saysAl however was rather perturbed.

 Jeff Whelan says:  The birds stole Al’s car

My Photo says:  and made a fast getaway

to go stealing Toothsome’s Apple!

Julie saysToothsome begged Mac to help

And I tag  Mark Armstrong 

So back to you Mark… hahaha

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  1. Super Giggles to the rescue!!

    For all the exciting details, click here:

  2. Hilarious – again!

  3. Well, I can see it’s up to The Great Mac Giggles to save the day. Again.

    I just saw him eating a big plate of donuts at the Lemons R Us Café, tryna build up his manly strength… : P

    • Yiheyyyy Mark… we need you in here or Word Press will be so boring 🙂 hahaha

    • Hello Mark, I left you a comment on your post and to tell you the news that I had tagged you again 🙂 Kindly check your spam folder I might be there floating around 🙂 hahahaha Save me please… LOL

      • You can depend on Mac Giggles! He’s vain, shallow, lazy, lackadaisical, and shuffles thru life like a shambling pile of donut crumbs, but he always comes thru!! Eventually… : P

        So fear not! I’m sure he’s hunting thru his dirty laundry hamper, looking for his tights and cape. He is a true superhero, and always wants to look his best… : P

  4. Julie Catherine says:

    Hehehe, love it! 😀

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