For The Love Of Haiku 8- Halloween Haiku

I have good news to those who really love love Haiku.  Instead of every 3rd week of the month, I’ve decided that we will have For The Love of Haiku every Saturday.  So bring out your best Halloween Haiku for this week.  We have our image below brought to you by our Art Game players to have fun with our very own Haiku.  And every Friday night I will announce who wins the best Haiku by the highest number of Likes plus votes that the participants got from his/her Haiku post. Okay guys, join in the fun!

All Hallow’s Eve! Phantoms roam…
Horror night begins

Tiffanie King

click the image to see the artists/art game players

And here are the first 3 participants so far:

AshiAkira says:

Monsters in my dream
Trying to scare me but can’t
‘Cos I’m one of them

Lafemmeroar says:

Dark, musty and cold
Hallways housing grim spirit
Lurking for your soul

sarahpotterwrites says:

UK ruled by ghouls–
the Coalition unmasked.
Military coup.

I call on all Haiku lovers out there to join us

and share with us your haiku ingenuity .

Let’s go guys and have fun 🙂

 For more details about this Haiku fun click  the logo above

and join us!

***To those who do not wish to post their Haiku with the Art Game image in their blog but have brilliant Haiku to share with us, by all means you can just write down your Haiku in the comment area and I will post your Haiku for you… piece of cake right 🙂

Okay Haiku Lovers we want to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. I heard from a ghost
    The continental breakfast
    Is eyeballs on toast

    : P

  3. You do, indeed, have a wonderful outlook. I will admit your background gif might be seizure inducing; however this is a small price to pay for such enthusiasm! I can’t imagine what you saw in my dark grey and black sonnet page; it seems so drab compared to yours, but i do thank you for dropping by.

I'm delighted to hear from you :) Merci, beaucoup to all who clicked LIKE...

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