For The Love Of Haiku-8 And Sarah Did It Again For The 4th Time!

For The Love Of Haiku 8

All Hallow’s Eve! Phantoms roam…
Horror night begins

Tiffanie King

Congratulation Sarah

for having the highest number of Likes- 26

sarahpotterwrites says:

UK ruled by ghouls–
the Coalition unmasked.
Military coup.

and they say:

AshiAkira says: 17 Likes

Monsters in my dream
Trying to scare me but can’t
‘Cos I’m one of them

Lafemmeroar says: 17 Likes

Dark, musty and cold
Hallways housing grim spirit
Lurking for your soul

Mark Armstrong says: 16 Likes

I heard from a ghost
The continental breakfast
is eyeballs on toast 

silentlyheardonce says: 15 Likes

mayhem fill the halls
ghostbusters? chasing monsters
who you gonna call?

sandrabranum says: 14 Likes

Shuffling in darkness
Hear scarey sounds all around
Zombies … vampires … AAAWH!

Thanks to all my blogger friends above who contributed their brilliant Haiku for this week 🙂 You are all talented!

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and join us!

See you tomorrow’s For The Love Of Haiku-9


  1. As I said over at my blog, Wow, again! Thank you, Dolly, and everybody who voted. Much appreciated 😀

    I might have to give this Saturday’s one a miss, as am meant to be concentrating on NaNoWriMo, although will pop in and see what you others post. Good luck everybody! xxxx

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