For The Love Of Haiku 9- Abandoned Garden….Who’s Gonna Top This Time? Your Vote Counts!

For The Love of Haiku 9- Abandoned Garden

Keep dreaming, don’t quit!
Everything is possible
and I love  donut :)

Tiffanie King

yepiratemanagua says:

never let me go
she said in her dream to me
but it was too late

AshiAkira says:

Long left and forgotten
In sinful heart still waiting
For your warmth and light 

douryeh says:

Their names sail away
Their remembrance brings a smile
Under the moonlight

The latest health craze.
Slime-bathing removes wrinkles;
green is beautiful.

Lisa Summerlin says:

Nature and creatures
Both renewing my spirit
What’s up with that hand?

nightlake  says:

Murky water pulls me in
The cold hand of death beckoning
I take my last few breaths

She bathed in a bog
And her big chocolate donut
Got licked by a frog


Brook says:

Heart outside chest now
Misunderstanding widget
Still looking upward


Click what each Haiku lovers “says” above to click LIKE on their haiku
and use the comment below to vote your favorite 🙂

Winner shall be announced by midnight Friday, November 9, 2012


  1. I like Nightlake

  2. Must go with Lisa Summerlin this time:)

  3. Voting for AshiAkira this time! 🙂

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