For The Love Of Haiku 10- And Your Vote Counts!

For The Love of Haiku 10- Men

Name them all… ‘accept or not
Still I love my man :)

Tiffanie King

and just one task at a time
why so dominant?

yepiratemanagua says:

some men are from mars
and some devils know venus
others live in trees

 Do you hear the voices?
A concoction to lure you
So the life goes on

sarahpotterwrites says:

Sweat and flatulence
of anti-romance brigade.
Even the moon scowls.

Esenga’ s Voice says:

who said real men don’ t cry
masks fall suddenly

This is not Van Gogh
Craziness spilling out here
Call artist soon!

kz says:  and 

Atheist you be
But this God you do not know,
How I thank Him so.

Big, strong, proud and tall…
Though with force he strut the halls,
With my touch… he falls.

Give them a scolding
Next to manly Mac Giggles
They are but children

Faces surround me
Happiness and confusion
Feels like a party!


Click what each Haiku lovers “says” above to click LIKE on their haiku
and use the comment below to vote your favorite :)

Winner shall be announced by midnight Friday, November 16, 2012

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Give Them A Scolding

Faces surround me


  1. Esenga’s Voice…


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