Passionate Love And Poisoned Mind…


My Passionate Love Photo Collection
Love tended and nourished
Let it shined, let it flow
You are all I have cherished
Your love crawls, our feelings grow

My love starts yearning
Just let the fire go burning
Orange bodies are now glowing
The heat is over flowing

I thought of you, you thought of me
I breathe in through you intensely
Every part and inch of you, within me
And the all of you in my captivity

You moaned my name, I moaned yours
I would hear melodies in crystal clear
Your passion would be big or gross
You are all mine, you’re such a dear

Even miles away our spirits soar
We would find each other to roar
Thunder of Love, we both adore
and we cling on, even we cross the shore

We moved fast, we flew up high
We rolled over, we flipped and sighed
Yet our bodies stuck on together
Never wanted apart from each other.
My body shivers, not from cold
But by the heat of your body it gored
Like a river from your thrust I sweat dripped
You soaked in, swam swiftly and deep

I feel you, you are coming near
I hold on you, to you I was glued
Your movement, you kept… no tear
I wiggled with you, we both clawed
I see you clearly now
You’re face so tensed yet shining
Mine with you in tow
Both stricken with lightning
We got fully charged, we banged! 
Explosion all over yet we won
Like magic even afar we ganged
This romance we have would abound!

When you knew the power of this love?
Would you rather poison your mind, with… 

Would this love end my freedom?
Would it give me any harm?
Would I feel good with it or be damned?
When you knew your lost when it’s gone?
Would you still end the passion?

Love, have your fear ended,
Not your passion, Instead
Poison all of your doubt
so it won’t ever have a sprout
Only would stay then
Is your planted passion within…
You have stayed with me this far
Time already had been wasted
Between us would there be any mar
Still we have the True Joy injected
Within our romance full of agar 
Our passion for both remained congested.
But you have tamed me
With all of your sweetness!
You have owned me fully
With all of your greatness!
Love me with all of your passion
to have me…

Poison your mind to end this love
would kill me
For this passion we have
is so deadly
When this true love of ours
is gone, it’s not only I,

But both of us would die…


  1. This is excellent, excellent, excellent!!!

    Yes– passion, arousal, intense eroticism, unquenchable desire, fierce hunger!!!

    I’m glad to know that someone else has these feelings when they eat a donut… : )

  2. staticbachelor says:

    Very nice poem , reminds us that there is at least one type of magic in this world


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