Funny Accidents… Ouch! Just Another Manic Monday

Happy Weekdays And Take Care! mmmwah!


  1. Lost Creek Publishing says:

    I agree!

  2. That was sooooo funny, Dolly..
    Thank You for such a goooooood laugh…. xoxoxo 🙂

  3. Mac Giggles scoffs! He says those people are amateurs when it comes to failure. He– The Great Mac Giggles– is a professional!! : P

  4. Hey there, I found your blog in the humor section and after some looking over of your blog, I’m hoping you have a sense of humor… if so… Please check out my blog and feel free to follow us and tell you friends please. We’re new to the site and want to get some more traffic flowing. Please brace yourself for the content, but you’re in for a nonsensical laugh 😉 Thanks in advance!!!

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