For The Love Of Haiku 14 And I Voted 3 Haiku Lovers And To Break The Tie I Challenge Them To Write A Tanka Poem

For this week FTLOH-14, all participants have contributed their most unique and brilliant ideas in writing their haiku poem and I am truly thrilled for their enthusiasm for joining this haiku fun just because they love haiku and are happy to share with us their talents.  But since I do not get any votes from my readers so far, I decided to vote 3 haiku lovers who I felt they have given deep meaning with the given image for this week haiku 🙂 Even others may seem to think it’s a weird image to come up with a brilliant haiku.  Hahaha 🙂
These 3 haiku lovers also obtained the correct form of writing a haiku which is 5-7-5.  And to break the tie, I challenge the 3 to write their poem this time in a Tanka poem.

And the 3 Haiku Lovers I have voted are:

Esenga’ s Voice



we see what we want…
grumpy faces, danger, falls
or brave and warm hearts

 kz says:

The strong will survive
Something they don’t teach in school
Nature’s basic rule

Mary Strong-Spaid says:

Underneath the web
illusions of power play
on thoughts imagined

World in confusion
Island with various creatures
Hungry shark, lost bear,
Godzilla, Super Heroes
All wanted to live in peace!

How to write a Tanka poem

The Tanka poem is very similar to haiku but Tanka poems have more syllables and it uses simile, metaphor and personification.

There are five lines in a Tanka poem.

Line one – 5 syllables Beautiful mountains
Line two – 7 syllables Rivers with cold, cold water.
Line three – 5 syllable White cold snow on rocks
Line four – 7 syllables Trees over the place with frost
Line five – 7 syllables White sparkly snow everywhere.

Tanka poems are written about nature, seasons, love, sadness and other strong emotions. This form of poetry dates back almost 1200 years ago.

The Poetry Zone  has a good description of Haiku and Tanka poetry.

Note: For

 Esenga’ s Voice

 Mary Strong-Spaid

Please use the comment area to write your Tanka Poem… You could also choose to post it in your blog as you like. Or if you choose not to write a Tanka Poem… it is also up to you.

And to my readers who would like to vote their favorite haiku among the three above, please use the  comment area to express your thoughts, why you chose to vote one of them. Merci 🙂


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