Tooth Of The Day- On Christmas…

The Cast:

Toothsome, Mac Giggle



  1. Lumps of coal?? Oh, I see– that must have been Naughty Toothsome’s stocking, and Dear Sweet Oh-So-Nice Mac Giggles was helping her open it. Mac always gets donuts in his stocking. When he takes them out, they’re all covered with lint. But of course he eats them anyway… : P

    What a beautiful family! And it’s easy to see the four baby teeth are just as delightfully wacky as their mother. Yes, a lovely Christmas card, despite its being more than 36 MB and gobbling up all the memory on everyone’s computer!!

    Merry Christmas to Dear Toothsome, who somehow manages to always be naughty and nice at the same time!! : )

    • hehehe, yep so you noticed hahaha, my daughter who made that gif said so that it’s really heavy hahaha 🙂
      Happy holiday to you and to your family too! See you around in 2013 soon! xoxo

  2. Hope you guys had a great holiday.

  3. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  4. Julie Catherine says:

    Merry Christmas! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with peace, love and light! (Absolutely love your new photo – you’re beautiful!) ~ Love, Julie xox

  5. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Thank you for all the laughs 🙂

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