For The Love Of Haiku 16 And All Are Winners! Congratulation Guys… Each Of You Did A Brilliant Haiku!


December 22, 2012: FTLOH- 16

“Oh no! Meow, not me!”,
confuses for litter box.
“Don’t leave trap around!” 

“Big One, spare me.
I purr to show I love you.
Wanna-smell my butt?”

Tiffanie King 

yerpirate says:

on my breakfast table
leftovers of a haiku
what readers don’t see

kz says:

As we wine and dine
Injustice and heinous crimes
Under our noses.

Brook say:

Let me outta there!
Old farts and nuts interrupt
Bread and grapes await!

Mark Armstrong says:

no milk and cookies
something different this year
Santa’s feeling sick

grosenberg says:

Surrender kitten!
We now have you surrounded.
Your troll can not help

sarahpotterwrites says:

Don’t poison that mouse!
A rodent fattened on cheese–
Kitty’s dream dessert.

To add more inspiration to all of us our FTLOH-14 last time received a very honest comment from one of our readers and I’m very happy to share it here:  You are welcome to comment back your thoughts and in haiku format too!  Just for the fun of it and please use the comment area to do so! Thanks guys! mmwahhh 🙂

Haikus are boring
If you are not Japanese.
Write a real poem.


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  3. Really liked what you had to say in your post, For The Love Of Haiku 16 And All Are Winners! Congratulation Guys… Each Of You Did A Brilliant Haiku! – allaboutlemon, thanks for the good read!
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  4. Thanks!

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