For The Love Of Haiku 17 Is Getting Sunny And Spicy Too!

Underwater world
Everything is refreshing
A colorful place!

Tifannie King 

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Lisa Summerlin says:

Wet and untamed fun

Frolicsome cheer on dry land

Friends come together

Brook says:

True friends have our backs
Wonderful scary bear hugs
Solid rock beneath

grosenberg says:

Undersea Voyage
Diverse pilgrims journey here
New friendships emerge.

nightlake says:

Sea world meets

Toy cuddlers and cartoons

Fantasy of the human mind

sarahpotterwrites says:

In the split second
when everyone turns their backs,
a mermaid appears.

yerpirate says:

behind each mermaid is a shark
behind each beauty is a shrek
behind a pussy in high boots?

adollyciousirony says: My version in 5-7-5 Haiku :)

At mermaid’s back… ‘Shark!

While behind each belle, a Shrek!

Rear end… Puss in boots? :)

or a teaser:

Rear end…  A pussy? ( lol)
It’s  hello Master Kitty!
Puss, The Booted Cat.


kz says:

Girls can run the world!

No need for heroes… except

Just to scratch her… Puss?

(or ear. whatever.) ^^

muZer says:

Far away, down under
Girls simply want to have fun
Guys take a back seat

sunny smily

Are there anymore?

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***To those who do not wish to post their Haiku with the Art Game image in their blog but have brilliant Haiku for this week Haiku to share with us, by all means you can just write down your Haiku in the comment area and you are still in!  Piece of cake right?  :)

Okay Haiku Lovers, hit it some more!


seek to improve


  1. Just thought of this looking at the pic! 🙂

    Far away, down under
    Girls simply want to have fun
    Guys take a back seat

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