Toothsome Is Crying Her Heart Out For Syria

Free Syria

Help Free Syria!



One of my colleagues who happens to be my best friend here is a Syrian.  I went to visit his Dental Office to give him some sweet and he broke me the news that his University was bombed by their Government Military and around 100 students died.  Click here.

I asked about how his parents are coping with their day to day living, because the last time I talked to his mom was like 3 years ago and Syria was still peaceful back then.

He said that they already lost their family house and everything in there were all stolen and now his parents moved to his house.  His parents and siblings are all there.  He tried to get them and bring them here but unfortunately the  Government here had stopped issuing visa for the Syrian people.  He said they do not have electricity, plus it’s winter too, so his father now of 85 years old is sick.  I asked him if there is a way for them to come out from Syria and go to nearby countries.  He said there is no more airport in Syria and if they will go to Turkey, the refugee camp there is not so accommodating and people are mistreated.  So his parents decided to just stay in his house to live and if they die or got bombed or killed then they die.  They just leave it to God’s mercy.

I just found myself in tears.  How there are people who wish to harm other people only to gain power.

My heart goes to Syrian people and I hope and pray that they will soon be free.

I visited Syria last 2005, and it was really a beautiful country.  Photos below were taken in Aleppo Citadel.  October, 2005.


And today their own people destroyed their own country.  It’s really sad 😦

Is there anything we can do about it?  Well personally I do not really know how but the only thing I know for sure that I could do is to offer my prayers for them.

I would like to end this post with this country song by Ricky Skaggs. Enjoy!
As we all know Toothsome, she always like us to end our days with a smile 🙂


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