Tooth Of The Day


Be Happy With What You Have…

Tooth Of The Day

Tooth Of The Day2

Tooth Of The Day 3

The Cast:

Toothsome, Mac Giggles


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  2. I often feel that way about my teeth!!
    Get the whole lot out and then I’ll never have to worry again 😉

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    Fun as ever! I love kicking off my Saturday with a smile and Dolly always brings it 😀

  4. lol!! exactly what I needed to kick off my weekend 😀

  5. Stupid Mac Giggles!! He’s a Big Sniveling Coward with Big Crooked Teeth!! : P

    But wait– I think I understand his Plan For Happiness: he’s so dumb, he thinks being toothless makes you happy, so he’s going to keep eating donuts until all his big crooked teeth fall out, then he thinks he’ll be transported to Happy Land… : P

    Well, it’s a lucky break for Toothsome: she doesn’t have to listen to Mac Giggles whine and cry for 6 months– ’cause that’s how long it would take to straighten his teeth!!

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  7. Appreciate the pingback – thank you.

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