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Heart Is The Music Passion For The Month Of Love…

And my offer to all of you guys is

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

How I love this song together with the movie TITANIC…  Really really, a passionate film.

Yes! Truly with Love…   Life Goes On… and my heart goes on with V…  near or far and beyond ’til the end of forever! :)

carolynpageabc says:

Have a Heart ILoveYou for February

Glen Close & Phil Collins sing

You’ll be in My Heart

  sarahpotterwrites says:

February is the month of love, meaning this month’s Music Passion at requires songs with “heart” in the title. I have chosen  “Ouvre ton coeur” (open your heart) — a French art song by GeorgesBizet, with a text by Delâtre — sung here by my favourite countertenor, Philippe Jaroussky.  The music first appeared in…

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  1. One of my favorite songs.

  2. My bit is up Dolly 😉


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