Training In Japan

These are some pictures sent to me by Chlly and Deu.

And tomorrow the 28th day of April is the big event.

Good luck my son! I love you! mmmwahhhh!

Training In Japan Training in Japan2 Training In Japan3 Training In Japan4 Training In Japan5 Training in Japan6 Training in Japan7


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  1. I’m a karate expert myself, and it’s a skill that comes in handy.

    For example, the other day at the Lemons R Us Café, I saw an old lady with a walker reaching for the last Double Chocolate Donut. I was able to kick her away, and grab the donut for myself…

    Then, when the waitress tried to give me the bill for the 65 donuts and 10 cups of coffee I’d consumed, I was able to kick the bill out of her hand, and make my exit.

    Yes, knowing karate comes in handy…

    So how did those young chaps of yours do? Will there be a victory party, and if so, will there be free donuts?? : P

    • Unfortunately Mark, there will be no free donuts… hahaha I just learned today that Deu did not make it!
      Anyways it was a good experience for him 😀

      Thanks for cheering me up though with your humor :mrgreen:

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    Good luck my son! I love you! mmmwahhhh!

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