Shake, Rattle & Roll

I Shoot I Zoom Some Sassy Shots

Shake, Rattle & Roll Fun Ride
Riders feel like they are flying as they whirl, twirl and spin on this twisting, rotating fun ride.  It was fun all right, but it’s not my favorite. It was my first and last, hahaha. Anyways just look at these split-second shots and enjoy the ride.
This was such a terrible ride.  I had mixed emotion with it.  I had fun and adventure but definitely I won’t do it again.
Location: South France, August 2012

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  1. I don’t know who that couple is, but they must have had terrible body odor. Nobody else wanted to get on the ride with them… : P

  2. I’m sure at the end part of you must of said “Ya!! again!” 😉

    • :)… Funny was. we were with our friend’s son age 12 years old and I asked him to join us in the ride too. I expected that he would say yes right away but he just said NO. So at the back of mind before I just sit myself on that ride was… why he would not like to ride with us and have some fun and so I wondered. And then after the ride it was then I understood him. And then later he told me that he didn’t wan† to do it again… hahaha
      and me too, I wouldn’t like to do it again 😀

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