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My daughter TJ aka the SpoliedBrat in the Art Game always share me her writing in Fan Fiction



Last week she asked me how would a raped victim would feel when she was being raped?  I asked her, why?  She said that she wanted to write something new, because she has been writing a happy story all the time.  I told her to goggle some rape stories and read all about it and so she did.

She sent me her Chapter 4 found below and asked me to comment on it…   And so I ask you guys too to give your honest comment on her writing.  I thought it would be a great help for her if I  get some feed back from all of my readers here in Word Press.  Merci 🙂

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The Scoundrels first love

Yes, that fateful day lingers through her entire mind, remembering her pain that she had suffered and has traumatized her for a week. Only Natsu fixed that trauma, after that dreadful incident, one week had passed and Natsu confronted her with his feelings and started their relationship.  Yes, Natsu erased all of those pain and memories of that awful day but when she saw the man with blond spiky hair looked at her the same way how he looked at her on THAT day, all of those horrifying experience, all of those pain came back to her in a flash and felt like it just happened yesterday. She trembled in fear and covered her whole body with the white bed sheet; she began tearing up with her trembling and cold hands covering up her ears. Afraid to hear his words again

Don’t worry, I’ll treat you real good

She shut her eyes close real tight as those memories began to crawl back to her mind…

“What are you doing out here?”

She turned around weakly and smiled seeing a slim, yet muscular and toned young man of average height with pink hair.

“Natsu?” she asked and smiled warmly with her eyes half open

That name that came out of her delicious mouth made his eyebrow furrowed. He smiled a little keeping his cool and walked slowly towards her. As he got near her he bended over to level their heads and smiled mockingly at the drunken celestial mage

“Natsu, why are you here? Did you came looking for me?” she asked smiling with her pretty blooming face

“Sorry but, I’m not who you think I am” he hissed clearly being pissed from hearing his name over and over again from the woman in front of him.

“What do you mean Natsu? Your right in front of me” she replied now frowning and tilting her head

“You should look closely at who you’re talking to, weakling” he groaned at her. She took the advice and rubbed her eyes, she looked again to see who she’s talking too, the ones pink hair turned into blond hair and her eyes widened…


Meet Sting, the rapist.


And by that he smiled mockingly “Now you know who you’re talking too…” he quickly covered her luscious pink lips with his own aggressively, with only one thought in his mind

As revenge I’ll steal her from you Natsu Dragneel 

Lucy with her last strength pushed the man breaking off the kiss and stood up, she was about to get her whip when she notice dit wasn’t there anymore

“Looking for this?” he ask raising up his left hand which is holding her belt that hold both of her whip and her magical keys. He then gave her a smirk and threw it far away from her. She tried to run away and to take back her weapon but her drunken state mad her frail and weak to even move. Sting then walked towards her and held on to her arms tightly not planning to let go, she fought off and with her last strength, she tried to kick him hard in his area but to no avail, Sting caught her leg

“My, you’re a feisty one aren’t you?” he then carried her by the neck by his right hand choking her while his left hand began to charge in with light glow engulfing his fist. He then punched her to the stomach real hard making her spit blood. He then threw her making her back slam to a nearest three with a loud thud. She tried to get up but notice that she can’t move

“I… Can’t… move” she said faintly and in shock with her eyes wide open she glance at the white dragon slayer that is now walking towards her smiling evilly and briefly explained what he did to her

“It’s not fun if you’re gonna fight back and so I marked you using my holy attack, a body that’s marked by its stigmata loses its freedom” he chuckled he then picked her up and pinned her to the tree. He looked at the light that is engraved in her stomach that forms like a magic circle and mockingly smiled.

“Now then, where should I start, hmn” he gaze over her body carefully “Ahh, your dress is really a nuisance so let’s rip it shall we?” and so he grabbed on to her top and quickly ripped it like paper and revealed her huge creamy tit’s covered with a pink silk bra.

“Astonishing, you really love pink don’t yah” he chuckled, he then ripped off her bra making her breasts bounce a little “Now that is just fuck up amazing, I wonder why Natsu hasn’t taken you yet” he then ripped off her skirt along with her underwear revealing all of her. His left hand began to trace all of her curves while his right is still holding her by the neck pinning her to the three.

Her whole body began to shiver from his electrifying touch and made her yelp a little. She began to feel fear knowing that she can’t move or fight back, her tears began to fall and he quickly noticed it

“Now that’s more like it, cry before me, just seeing you cry makes me want to have you more” he snickered and began to lick her on her neck and nibble on her skin she moaned at this sensation and whispered to her ear “Are you enjoying it?”

And with just that his hands began to snake around her body and stopped over her butt squeezing them

“I gotta say, your boobs are quite nice but your ass is quite intriguing.” He then pulled off and removed his gloves and used it to tie her hands on the branch lifting her up a little with her toes still touching the ground. He then leaned over and brushed away her tears and kissed her forcefully.

“You know, I don’t really like having sex with a partner who can’t move so I guess I’ll just take off that stigmata around your belly” and so with one touch the light magic circle engraved to her stomach vanished and she could now move again and with that she took this chance to land a kick on him but Sting wasn’t really on her level and so her attack didn’t change a thing

“Let me go! What do you want?” she shouted trying her best to get free from the branch

He then lift up his finger and waved it a little and smiled “Oh nothing much, I just find your body very addictive” and so he quickly groped her left breast by his left hand and his right capped her private part and began stroking her. She bit her lips ’til they bleed so that she wouldn’t be able to let out her moans of sexuality. His fingers slid through her lower folds and played with her cunt aggressively and made her gasp and with just that he quickly lift her legs up and made them cross on his waist as he began to suck on her nipple intently. She could no longer take the pressure that she finally let out a moan arching her back from the extreme pleasure. She tried to fight back but his hold was too tight that she couldn’t move. Fear began to crawl up her sleeves and made her tremble even more; she gave up and loses the will to fight back, seeing that she was completely hopeless in his grasp. Tears kept on falling from her hazel eyes while Sting just looked at her in awe. Seeing the pained fairy only arouse him more that he could no longer control himself and so with further ado he pulled out the threat, the thing that will take away her virginity and brand her his. He quickly aligned it to her opening and thrust it deep inside of her. He let out a grunt and felt pleasure from her tight hole ignoring the blood that has started to drip out from her. She screamed in pain and horrid she couldn’t believe that her chastity was taken by no other than a monster with yellow hair. He was a monster, a demon in disguise. She screamed and howled and tried desperately to push him away but he was just too strong that he punched her thighs and her ribs stopping her from her movements, blood began to come out from her mouth and her tears still wouldn’t stop from falling. He licked on to her bloody lips and kissed her intimately tasting the blood inside of her mouth and savoring the rich flavor.

“Scream out my name!” he shouted at her but with her last will of strength she spit on Stings face and made him furious he slapped her so hard that the branch which she’s currently tied with broke and made her slide to the ground. He then pulled her blond silky hair and whispered to her ear

“You’re making everything so fun” and with that he pushed inside of her making her scream, he began to thrust in and out of her more and more until she came. She panted trying to catch her breath. Sting flipped her over and placed his finger on top of her lips

“Shh, don’t cry, you actually make me feel so different” he said to her calmly “I think I might have fallen for you” he smiled at her and continued to ravage her. He raised up her left leg and began thrusting in much more deeper making his head kiss her womb while he kiss her with his tongue exploring her mouth. She felt so helpless that she grabbed hold of the grasses surrounding her, she shut her eyes close not wanting to see any of this.

The whole park was dark and only her cries and screams can only be heard. It was late and it was obvious that no one would enter the park at that time, Fairy tail was too busy celebrating their victory together with the other guilds and even Natsu is busy having fun. All of her hopes being saved from this monster died and all she could see was darkness.

With one last thrust, Sting let out all of his babies deep inside of her in which she screamed horrified. He simply gave her his infamous mocking smirk and left her unconscious and fragile state by the bushes with nothing to cover her naked body with.

As soon as the sun rose up Erza, Levy, Mira and Cana went to the park to catch some fresh air when Levy shrieked

“Kyahhhh!!!” Mira quickly took hold of the frightened Levy and looked at her worriedly

“What is it Levy?!” Erza questioned at the bluenette who is now sitting on the ground and trembling, she nervously pointed at the direction by the bushes while Cana and Erza headed to that direction.

As they pushed away some of the bushes, they saw a hand with the Fairy tail’s guild mark in it and it was tainted pink. From just that they quickly knew who’s hand it was and so they pulled on to that hand and revealed an unconscious Lucy all naked and buttered with bruises from all around her body, dried blood can be seen on her ones luscious lips, her eyes are swollen red. She’s got a lot of cuts around her arms and back but not too deep and between her thighs dried blood can be seen there too. They were all shock and tried to wake her up but she remained unconscious. Erza quickly took out a blanket and covered Lucy up. Cana then announced that they should report it to the master but then Lucy stopped her by holding her arm

“No, I don’t want Natsu to see me like this.” And she fell back asleep

With just that Levy, Mira, Cana and Erza keep it a secret. They knew that telling this to everyone would only add salt to her wound. It will be a great commotion and they just can’t let the guild have a new problem right after winning the grand magic games.

After that tragic day, for one week Lucy didn’t talk much like she would always do, her sparkling smile was gone, her lively hazel eyes were deem and her ones blooming face were pale. She didn’t eat much and would always stay at the guilds infirmary room. Natsu and the guys, even master Macarov ask about what ever happened to Lucy and why she has acted so differently but the girls just shook their heads.

Natsu then fought off with Erza asking as to why he couldn’t go inside the infirmary room and talk with Lucy. He clearly hears Lucy crying her eyes out just behind those doors, he wanted to comfort her and ask why but Erza just wouldn’t let him pass. Gray then backed Natsu off trying to calm him down. Master Macarov then called Erza and Mira to his office to ask about what really happened. And so Erza and Mira told the old man as to how they found Lucy on that day. They clearly didn’t know what happened to her as Lucy hasn’t said a single thing… Master Macarov felt furious of course but thinking that keeping silent would be a wise choice.

Levy and Cana guarded the door in place of Mira and Erza but Natsu broke loose from Gray’s tight hold and he quickly dashed to the doors.

His eyes widened when he saw Lucy with a buttered body looking all frail with her eyes swollen and red from crying. He knelt beside her and held out to her hand. And just by that Lucy gave a weak smile and places her left hand on top of his. Tears suddenly drop to her hands and she began crying again…   Natsu doesn’t know why she was in deep pain and all he could do was hug her tightly saying…

Shh, don’t cry no matter what happens I’ll never let go of you, I’ll protect you. I love you…  Lucy

Meet the lovers, Lucy and Natsufairy_tail_movie___natsu_and_lucy_by_njung-d4lktdx


  1. Merci, this was wonderful 😉 little rough around the edges, but she will do great! I am a BIG fan of Fairytail, so thumbs up! 😀

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  3. very nice animetion …………….u r profetional ?

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