Arts And Haiku

Imagine a world

Where your every move matters.

Watch for the next train…


Rush hour, changing trains…

Thanks for the subway vendor!

Hotdog is a bliss :)

Tiffanie King

 Click to see the making of this haiku image

Click to see the making of this haiku image 🙂

AshiAkira says:

Just sit tight and wait

You’ll get whatever you want

Life is fantasy

Esenga’ s Voice   says:

thrust, brakes and station
lone rat dreams to be rabbit
life frozen in time

yepiratemanagua says:

train stops with a clunk!                                                                                                    

sudden waves in the coffee cup                                                                                          

time ticks on and on



year of the rat ends                                                                                                              

next time zone arrives early                                                                                              

 year of the rabbit  ウサギ



long bullet slows and sighs                                                                                            

 inside bullet smaller but still she sighs                                                                            

outside husband sits and sighs

sarahpotterwrites says:

Train packed with Chavettes.
Gollum has discovered bling
and bad time-keeping.

kz says:

Break monotony,
Sweep me off to wonderland…
Save me from this life.

pseudomonaz says:

Time waits for none,

nor does the train,

I’ve stopped running.


Our first dinner date,

lost in your thoughts,

I missed the train.


yourothermotherhere says:

eggs in the carton

hard boiled fried scrambled raw poached

please do not crackup

Waiting on the train
for time crawling slowly by
to reach my lover


Princesses beware

Bored extraterrestrials

Roll like bullet trains


Wear your bunny ears

Smile wide as the train rolls by

Rats can’t dim your shine


Brook says:

Happy sounds await
Blues just cruising through this place
dirty rats sleep around

Lemonville Express
E.T. is a reminder:
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  1. hehe,NICE one

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  3. A lovely collection of really interesting haiku.

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