School’s Out (for summer)

Hit them all for summertime 🙂

About Sound and Vision


As I’m set to graduate with my 2nd Associates of Applied Technology on Thursday, I could not help but going back to basics. I’m talking about the art of the self portrait. You don’t need to be precise or photographic, strive for character. Imperfection in stroke identifies my style. I don’t want an exact copy or even the same angle necessarily, but a photo is useful here.  (if you use a mirror you will NEVER get the same angle everytime you look up from your pad) Notice in example 1 how I strove to change the position of the head using the photo as a reference point only.

In the next example I started with 1 photo that I expanded as I drew it to include facets that helped shape my personality.

The drawing was scanned and entered into Photoshop where the imperfections in the paper were colorized using “curves”.

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