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My work during Ramadan is in the night.  From 9pm to 2am 😦
So when I come home, it’s hard to sleep and once finally I fell asleep…  I sleep real deep and it’s hard again to wake up…  Yay!  I would wake up forcing myself to get up.  And you bet my day is very short 😦 and so I missed going to Gym ( an excuse actually, hahaha) But the thing is I like it better to go to gym in the morning than to do it in the afternoon.

Anyways, it will be over soon and I look forward for my one week holiday 🙂


  1. I worked all night once. My refrigerator died, and I had to stay up and eat all the ice cream so it wouldn’t go to waste. It was a lot of hard work, so I skipped going to the gym the next day… : P

    It looks like Toothsome More doesn’t need to go to the gym, either– she does calisthenics in her sleep. That’s what happens when you go to the Lemons R Us Café and drink ten cups of coffee before going to bed!

  2. I used to work night duty sometimes with my nursing, come home sleep for four hours, then pick up my hyperactive daughter from the childminder. It was exhausting and, in the end, I gave up nursing and became a registered childminder instead.
    At least with Ramadan, you know that your altered working hours are only temporary.

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